10 Podcasts That Will Empower You To Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

If there is one hack I would recommend for reaching your goals in 2023, it would be listening to motivational podcasts. Think about it: The time you spend driving in the car, doing laundry, walking your dog, or cooking dinner could simultaneously be spent learning, growing, and feeling inspired. After all, we are what we eat, but we’re also the content we consume too—nutrition is not just what you put on your plate but also the movies you watch, the people you follow on Instagram, and—you guessed it—the podcasts you listen to. Whether you’re a podcast junkie looking for new inspiring options or you’re new to podcasting and want another way to encourage yourself to reach your goals, here are 10 motivational podcasts to add to your queue. 



1. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Episodes: 10

When you think of “empowering,” don’t you think of Michelle Obama (and doesn’t everybody)? While episodes of the former First Lady’s podcast are not released on a consistent basis like these other podcasts, the episodes that are available are extremely powerful. The topics range from the importance of mentorship to health to relationships, so you can find inspiration to make your life better in every aspect. Don’t miss her first episode featuring Barack where they discuss responsibilities. Inspiring is an understatement.


2. Almost 30

Episodes: 500+

As an Everygirl-editor favorite, Almost 30 is the perfect listen for Millennials looking to improve their lives. You can find interviews and episodes on everything from modern spirituality to finance, so you can grow in any (and every) area of your life. The best part? The hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are hilarious besties, so you know the conversation is as entertaining and funny as it is empowering. 


3. Second Life Podcast

Episodes: 250+

Looking to shift your career or change professions in 2023? This podcast will be the inspiration you need to take the leap. Covering just about every industry (from A-list movie actors to millionaire entrepreneurs), Second Life is meant to show you that career changes can come at any age, and sometimes what we’re meant to do is totally different from what we’ve been doing. Listen to the episodes with women whose careers you’re interested in or simply listen in chronological order to feel empowered to make a change or go after your dreams.


4. Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham

Episodes: 45+

Consider this podcast your go-to confidence booster. Every episode includes interviews with people who are pretty big deals, from famous actors to successful business people, and they’re interviewed by icon Ashley Graham, so you already know it’s good. If you’re looking to be inspired by the who’s who of Hollywood, this is the inspirational podcast for you. Graham knows how to get the best confidence tips and success inspiration from all of her guests, so you end each episode feeling empowered.


5. The Dream Bigger Podcast

Episodes: 190+

As a successful entrepreneur herself, Siffat Haider (founder of wellness brand Arrae) is exactly the voice you want to listen to to inspire you to be your best self and achieve your best year. In this weekly podcast, Haider talks with thought leaders, wellness experts, and successful entrepreneurs on their tips for improving every aspect of their lives to inspire you to (you guessed it) dream bigger. Consider this the podcast version of the best friend who’s always your biggest cheerleader. 


6. Expanded By To Be Magnetic

Episodes: 230+

If you’re done with motivation and instead looking for manifestation, look no further than Expanded By To Be Magnetic, considered the leading manifestation podcast. Host Lacy Phillips bases each episode on her own method that’s rooted in neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, and energetics. Expanded focuses on the psychological side of manifestation (instead of the spiritual side), so it’s perfect for both the skeptics and dedicated manifesters alike. Listen if achieving your “best year yet” includes self-healing or manifesting your dreams.


7. hey, girl.

Episodes: 225+

You’ve probably seen Alex Elle’s incredible work on Instagram, but she’s transforming her wisdom from written word to audio with her podcast hey, girl. Elle talks with women who inspire her, from family members to successful entrepreneurs, all with the goal of cultivating sisterhood and uniting women’s voices. The topics dive into purpose, healing, vulnerability, and representation, making it the perfect podcast if you’re ready to dive deeper to truly change yourself in order to change your life.


8. Confident Collective

Episodes: 115+

Put two plus-size models, body activists, and best friends together, and what do you get? A powerful podcast that’s as honest and inspiring as it is inclusive. Trust me: You won’t finish an episode feeling overwhelmed or behind like you might feel after other “inspiring” podcasts. The entire goal of the series is to help you live your most confident life, and 2023 cannot be our best year yet if we’re not as confident as possible. Kristina and Raeann will leave you laughing, motivated, and inspired to crush your goals.


9. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Episodes: 370+

Because I would be remiss if I did not include the queen herself on any inspiring list, the Super Soul Conversations you know and love from Oprah’s TV segments are now available in podcast form. As if you needed more than Oprah’s voice alone to inspire you, she interviews the world’s top thought leaders, bestselling authors, spiritual healers, as well as health and wellness experts for ultimate motivation to help you get happier, healthier, and overall better. 


10. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Episodes: 430+

While the guests vary between wellness experts, influencers, bestselling authors, finance gurus, reality TV celebrities, and skincare specialists, the purpose of the Him & Her Podcast is to help you optimize your life. Husband and wife duo Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick are impressive in their own right as successful brand builders and content creators, but their guests will help expand your mind and motivate you to be your best in every area of your life. Full of no-filter conversations you probably need to hear, every episode will leave you motivated to be better. 


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