8 New Beauty Brands to Try in 2020—and What Products to Try From Each

Every year, we make resolutions for our health, wellness, finances, and social life. We want to lose weight, eat more veggies, pay off debt, travel more, and meet the love of our lives. I’m all for resolutions; there are so many ways to create goals and help us look forward to what’s coming in the new year. 

However, we all know me — I find a way to add beauty to every area of my life, and the new year is no exception. Last year, I made a list of nine beauty brands I wanted to try in 2019, and it guided my purchases, inspired me to try women-owned and indie brands, and introduced me to products that have become my favorites. As much as I love my go-to brands like Fenty Beauty, Maybelline, Bumble and Bumble, Versed, and more, there’s some new talent on the market. 


Source: @kajabeauty

1. Kaja

The first time I saw this brand in Sephora, I was immediately taken aback by how trendy every single item was. The first K-Beauty brand co-created by Sephora, Kaja (pronounced kah-jah, meaning “let’s go” in Korean!) products are made for on-the-go, meaning everything is makeup bag-friendly. The goal is glowy skin, so all of their products are shimmery and radiant. The price is also a great in-between — nothing from the line is over $25. 

Source: @fleshbeauty

2. Flesh

Created as a high-end sister brand to Revlon, Flesh is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Their products have a very unique, editorial spin that isn’t like a lot of other stuff in the industry now. They heavily focus on cream products, such as cream blushes, eyeshadows (even an eye gloss!), highlighters, and more. The names are questionable at best (their original foundation is called the Firm Flesh Thick Stick — say that 10 times fast), but the products perform like a dream.

3. Good Molecules

If you’re a fan of The Ordinary, this is definitely a new brand to check out. It has a similar concept: affordable, high-quality ingredients without all the frills. They have products for all different needs, from brightening vitamin C powders to hydrating facial oils to clarifying serums. You’re bound to find something new to add to your skincare shelf with this brand.


Source: @uomabeauty

4. Uoma Beauty

We’re adding women and Black-owned to our to-buy lists in 2020, and Uoma should be at the top of your list. When Uoma (pronounced uh-ma) launched at Ulta, their foundation (with 51 shades and six different formulas made specifically for each undertone) was everywhere. However, they have a full line of products from eyeshadows, concealer, lipstick, and more. Uoma founder Sharon Chuter was born in Nigeria and is now based in LA and London, and the Nigerian influence is seen throughout the entirety of the line. This is one of the most innovative lines on the market, and they’re just getting started. 

Source: @lawless

5. Lawless Beauty

This clean beauty brand, created by Annie Lawless (who also founded Suja Juice!), has slowly developed a line of products centered around being non-toxic and actually effective. It’s clean beauty for those who want the most out of their products. From blinding highlighters to liquid lipsticks and more, Lawless is sure to have something you’ll love. 


6. Kyn

Known for being ultra-affordable, this clean hair care brand should be on your wishlist. It’s all about deep cleansing and moisturizing the scalp and hair follicles — without using harsh ingredients that could damage or strip your hair. The products have rave reviews about how they transformed their hair, and with those practices, you honestly can’t afford not to try it.

7. Nabla

This cruelty-free, mostly vegan (there are some that contain beeswax), Italian brand is slowly making its way onto every beauty editor’s favorites of the year. Their formulas are top-notch, and everything they release has a unique look other brands aren’t doing. They’re made for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike who enjoy color and using makeup as expression. But don’t get it twisted, they have a curated collection of neutrals too that appeal to all makeup styles and preferences. (I’m dying to get my hands on one of these highlighters!) 


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8. Sachajuan

This hair care brand is basically a minimalist’s dream. Along with simple, gorgeous packaging, all of their products are created with simplicity in mind. It’s about cleansing and nourishing the hair to make it as healthy as possible and then styling around that; therefore, this line is filled with shampoos and conditioners for all different hair types and needs.