Need a Change? Here Are 20 Trendy Haircuts to Switch Up Your Look


We all have bad hair days and good hair days. (Some of us more than others. I’m looking at you, Gisele) But what does “good hair” really mean anyway? Here’s the 2020 answer: “good hair” means the fullest expression of your style, personality, and uniqueness. Most importantly, “good hair” makes you feel like the badass that you are. Whether you feel more confident with an edgy pixie or long, luscious beach waves, get a haircut that feels like you. Here are 20 trendy, chic, and cool AF haircuts that will update your style for good hair days every day. 


1. Edgy pixie cut with a side part


2. Pixie cut with wispy bangs


3. Curly pixie with lots of volume 


4. Blunt bob chopped at jawline 


5. Textured style with wispy ends


6. Layered curls with side bangs


7. Layered bob with longer layers in front and shorter layers in back


8. A long bob that hits at the collarbone


9. Textured ends with short front layers


10. Sleek middle part with feathered ends


11. Full bangs and minimal layering


12. Full curls with a side part


13. Mid-length chop with blunt ends


14. The classic shag with full bangs


15. Asymmetrical cut with layers longer in front and shorter in back


16. Textured ends with wispy side bangs


17. Even length with gradual layers


18. Long thick twists


19. Textured ends with a variety of short to long layers scattered throughout


20. Long sleek cut with no layers


Which haircut is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.