Nightstands for Every Budget

Nightstands are important: They are one of the last things we see before we go to bed and one of the first things we see when waking up. They house essential items including reading glasses, phone chargers, treasured novels…the list goes on and on! Everyone needs a nightstand (or two), so why not find a great one? You will be seeing a lot of it, after all.

Read on to see some of our favorite finds at every price point. 

Under $100

Source: Mariannan


Hemnes Nightstand $69.99, IKEA


Arley Accent Table $79.99, World Market

Three Hands End Table $89,

Under $200

Source: Camille Styles


Edie Side Table $149, One Kings Lane 


X Base Accent Table $139.99, Overstock

Finley Nightstand $169, Urban Outfitters


Under $300

Source: Danielle Moss’ Apartment Tour, Apartment Therapy

Ellery Nightstand $249, One Kings Lane

Mirage Mirrored Accent Table $269, Grandinroad

Mid-Century Nightstand $254, West Elm (product from feature image)

Which of the above tables do you like best? What’s your style: mirrored or wooden, modern or classic? Tell us!

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  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    What *I* want to know is how she’s balancing that umbrella on her shoulder!

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  • Nicole

    Just bought that X base accent table from Overstock yesterday! Good to know I’m not the only one who loves that it 🙂

  • Michelle

    In love with the Mid Century Modern nightstands!

  • kgstyle

    That Arley accent table is Ah-MAZING!
    So different.

  • LL

    I love my nightstand! Got it on sale for $50 at Marshalls. Even the saleslady had to double check the price tag to make sure it rang up correctly because the quality its great. It was originally a lot more expensive so I’m guessing that’s why it didn’t sell! Always on the lookout for a bargain. 🙂