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12 Old Money Nail Ideas That Are the Epitome of Quiet Luxury


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The feud of old money versus new money is a tale as old as time (in fact, it’s pretty much the entire basis for our new favorite show, The Buccaneers). While new money is often associated with the flashy lifestyles of the nouveau riche, old money is subtle and understated. It’s effortless and gives off the “I woke up like this” vibe it seems everyone in the world is currently trying to recreate. And now, the internet has gifted us with another “old money” trend to fall in love with: old money nails. Regardless of what your style aesthetic is for the year ahead—whether it’s quiet luxury, balletcore, or eclectic grandpa—old money nails are what you need for a timeless, flattering, and versatile nail look. Keep scrolling to learn more.

What are old money nails?

Pulling inspiration from the landmarks and shops of Park Avenue and sprawling New England estates known for housing the Kennedys and upper echelon alike, old money nails embody timeless elegance. Like all current trends, the nail aesthetic’s origin can be traced back to TikTok—the same platform that started the quiet luxury and old money craze. Now, the hashtag #oldmoneynails has 34.7 million views and counting, with users everywhere flocking to the platform to show off fresh, chic, and simple manicures.

In essence, old money nails are peak sophistication, swapping out bright polishes and maximalist nail art in favor of sheer pinks and nudes, milky whites, classic French manicures, and rich classic pops of color like reds, navy blues, and greens. And with their short squoval or square shape and glossy finish, they’re the personification of quiet luxury come to life. And the best part is that anyone can rock them regardless of what they have in their bank account.

Are they toned down compared to some of the other nail trends out there right now? Yes, but that’s the beauty of the trend—it’s versatile and universally flattering, which is the kind of nail look that’s wearable for any occasion.

Old money nail ideas

1. Sheer Jelly

Source: @matejanova

2. Classic Red

Source: @matejanova

3. Creamy Vanilla

Source: @nina.gornicka

4. Sheer Pink

Source: @matejanova

5. Classic French

Source: @gelsbybry

6. Navy Blue

Source: @gel.bymegan

7. Tortoiseshell

Source: @gel.bymegan

8. Jewel-Toned Green

Source: @matejanova

9. Milky White

Source: @by_karinely

10. Burgundy

Source: @gel.bymegan

11. Creamy Beige

Source: @gel.bymegan

12. Brown

Source: @gel.bymegan

Sheer polishes—mainly pinks and nudes—along with milky whites, and rich reds, navy blues, and greens are the prime colors of this trend. To help you decide on which color to pick for your next manicure—whether you’re a DIY or salon girlie—we’ve rounded up the most popular old money nail colors to choose from:

Bubble Bath

With a creamy, subtle pop of nude pink, you can consider this the quintessential pink for the old money aesthetic.

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Left on Shred

Instead of wasting time scouring the internet or aisle of your local Target in search of the perfect navy blue, make your life easier and opt for this shade instead. Not only is it a rich, high-shine polish, but it also dries in under 1 minute, courtesy of Essie’s fast-drying express formula.

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Nude Look

If you’re caught between a pink and a nude, this is the perfect compromise.

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Funny Bunny

This shade is beloved for a reason: the milky white is timeless, universally flattering, and looks gorgeous on all skin tones.

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Perfecting Nail Veil

Your nails, but better. This ultra-sheer nail veil is perfect for a laid-back, old money vibe

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Big Apple Red

You can’t go wrong with a red polish, and this option from OPI will make you feel like a rich b*tch.

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ella + mila
Cup O’ Latte

This neutral brown is ideal for winter outings and is rich in color without being overpowering.

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Static Nails
Healthy Glow

With a glass-like finish and sheer color, this neutral nail polish is what you need for a flawless French manicure.

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