The Period Romance Heroine You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Nothing quite hits the spot like a period romance. As a sucker for a good love story and pretty, corsetted dresses (when I’m not wearing one), I love sitting down with a snack and getting lost in English accents and horseback riding. Whether you’re reading one of the classic books or settling in to watch a modern twist like Bridgerton or The Buccaneers, period romances of all kinds are chock-full of feisty heroines who never fail to tug at our heartstrings. Each one has unique characteristics that help her come out on top.

Throughout the years, we’ve likely all had one period romance heroine whom we resonate with on a deeply personal level. Personally, my friends and I can get into hours-long debates about whether we’re Jos or Amys. However, if you haven’t found that heroine yet, never fear. Here’s which period romance heroine you are, based on your Zodiac sign.


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Jo March from Little Women

Just like Jo, Aries is fiery and not the type of person who lets societal standards and expectations shatter their dreams. Carrying true Aries bravery, Jo fights to make sure her book is published, rejecting her family’s cries that she must marry to achieve anything. But as hardened as Aries is, they’re also extremely empathetic and giving. Jo doesn’t hesitate to take matters into her own hands and help her family earn money, even selling her hair when her father falls ill. Like Aries, Jo isn’t afraid to take risks and carve her own path, which is perhaps why both the character and zodiac sign fall into fortune.


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Kate Sharma from Bridgerton

Tenacious and truly down-to-earth, Taurus isn’t one to stick to dated traditions, much like Bridgerton’s Kate Sharma. Throughout season two, Kate wants to defy convention and is determined to prove she’s deserving of respect as a single woman. Just like Taurus, she shows ambition in almost every action, as she is dead set on making sure her sister has a great life. But just like the zodiac sign, Kate eventually realizes she must recognize her own feelings and, of course, finds the love she wasn’t looking for.


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Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre

Geminis are one of the most curious signs of the Zodiac and I’d say Jane is one of the most inquisitive heroines of all period dramas. I mean, she was coming up with plenty of reasons why Mr. Rochester shouldn’t marry Blanche. Always independent and free-spirited, Geminis can be trusted to question their surroundings constantly, much like Jane continually questions Mr. Rochester’s romantic advances. Like a Gemini, Jane is clever and able to adapt to her surroundings no matter the hardships she faces. She embodies each characteristic of the zodiac sign, also possessing intellect and wittiness.


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Anne Elliot from Persuasion

Cancers can be a little bit sensitive, but that’s only because they wear their hearts on their sleeves—they’re simultaneously passionate and practical. Just like Anne, Cancers can be a little bit evasive when it comes to facing their feelings. When an old lover comes back into Anne’s life, she tries to ignore the benefits of revisiting her old flame. Most of the entirety of Persuasion sees Anne trying to recognize and act on her feelings, a narrative that is unique to the Cancer experience. And just like Anne, Cancers are also likely to find true happiness when they recognize their emotions and show some affection.


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Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility

Leos are known for being loyal, and Marianne Dashwood sticks by her sister’s side through all the ups and downs of life. Though Elinor and Marianne’s stories are both told throughout Sense and Sensibility, I’d argue it’s Marianne who becomes the true heroine. I mean, moving on from the overly charming—albeit erratic—Willoughby and searching for someone who will actually value her is a truly inspirational act from a period romance character. Just like Leos, Marianne is brave, honest, and a natural leader who carves her own path.


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Claire Fraser from Outlander

Virgo is one of the lovers of the zodiac, and Claire is drawn to romance throughout the entire Outlander franchise. Even from the first few seasons of the show, you understand she’s a romantic who will risk everything to protect those she loves and stand by their side. But just like Virgo, Claire is methodical in her actions, whether she’s fighting to protect Fraser’s Ridge or produce penicillin. Virgos are known for being thorough and organized, all traits that Claire exhibits throughout the Outlander series in her role as a nurse.


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Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice

Libras are known for being the most indecisive of the zodiac, so it makes sense why Pride & Prejudice may seem all over the place—Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are never on the same page. In addition to being indecisive, Elizabeth, like many Libras, can sometimes make hasty judgments (I say this with love as a Libra myself). Libras are also suckers for romance, though, and after learning to look deeper than her initial judgments, Elizabeth gives into her romantic side and finds the love she had been searching for with Mr. Darcy.


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Emma Woodhouse from Emma

Ask me to name a stubborn zodiac sign or period drama character and my answer will always be Scorpio and Emma Woodhouse. I mean, Emma’s so set in her ways, that she almost misses out on her chance at love and a happily ever after. Enacting the same determination every Scorpio knows well, Emma is convinced her life’s purpose is to play matchmaker for her friends. Similar to Scorpios, Emma definitely comes off a bit too strong to other characters who do not understand her intensity. At the end of the day, Emma is brave for staying true to herself and unashamedly feeling her emotions.


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Conchita from The Buccaneers

Faithful and intelligent describe both Sagittarius and the romantic Conchita from The Buccaneers. As she and Richard adjust to their marriage, she displays the sensitivity and vulnerability Sagittarius is known for. Conchita is as passionate as a Sagittarius is, as she sometimes leads with her emotions rather than her head. Conchita relentlessly pursues the love and family she deserves, displaying wisdom beyond her years—a trait Sagittarius is also known for. Plus, who other than an adventurous Sagittarius would opt to move across the world from America to London for her one true love?


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Daphne from Bridgerton

With the same workaholic attitude of a Capricorn, it’s no wonder why Daphne didn’t know what sex was when she was playing the piano and learning how to be a lady 24/7. Known as the perfectionist of the zodiac, Capricorns can relate to Daphne’s desire to do everything right and come off as the perfect diamond of the season. She’s poised, organized, and critical to a fault, qualities each Capricorn is familiar with. Though Daphne may appear a bit naive and shy at first, she’s confident and unafraid to inform her siblings of the ups and downs of love once she marries Simon. Never one to back down from a challenge, Daphne is a true Capricorn.


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Cecilia Tallis from Atonement

Just like Aquarius, Cecilia is a free-spirited character who is stubborn when it comes to moving on from her love, Robbie. Despite her sister’s well-intentioned (albeit infuriating) attempt at breaking the couple apart, Cecilia never gives up her love for Robbie, most apparent when the pair reunite at the height of World War II. Similar to Aquarius, she’s clever and smart as she works to make sure Robbie isn’t wrongfully convicted.


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Anne from Anne of Green Gables

Known for being intuitive, it makes sense that Pisces would align with Anne as she comes of age. Despite her mishaps, Anne always ends up doing the right thing and staying true to herself. Though she may not always make the best decisions, she tries her hardest to lead with the clarity Pisces is known for. Ever the dreamer, like Pisces, Anne wanders the woods and invents tall tales behind the items she pawns off. Like the compassionate Pisces, Anne is kind to everyone and tries to treat her peers and adults as she wants to be treated.