Problems with Friends


Within a group of friends, sometimes issues arise between individual members of the group causing tension among the group as a whole, not just those directly involved. People can wind up caught in the middle and be forced to choose sides. This can make group events uncomfortable for everyone involved. However, sometimes conflict is unavoidable. If you and your significant other belong to the same friend group and you break up, it is only natural that you’re not going to want to spend time together anymore. Sometimes issues can arise from something as small as not showing up for a friend’s important event. Regardless of whether the cause is big or small, these types of issues are not easy to deal with, especially when they affect the entire group.

Here at The Everygirl, we think that attacking the issue head-on is the best approach. If you’re having a problem with one of your friends, it is best to sit down and address it, instead of letting it affect everyone around you. When you’re caught in the middle of a fight, we think it’s best to stay out of it; as choosing sides often creates even more drama.

Whether you are directly involved with the dispute or are merely forced to observe its effects over brunch with friends, we realize that these types of situations are not pleasant. They can cause tension when a group chooses different sides and may even result in the loss of friendships. Everygirls, we want to know, how you deal with conflicts within your friend group? Do you sit back and wait to see what happens or do you prefer to confront the problem? Do these issues tend to affect the group as a whole or do those having problems deal with them independent of the rest of the group? How do you deal with the aftermath when two people you are friends with are no longer speaking?