Every Fashion Trend Rachel Green Would Wear in 2019

Saying you’re a fan of Friends is like saying you’re a fan of pizza — it’s implied for every living, breathing human this side of the equator.

But not all Friends fans are created equal, and I’d like to think I fall somewhere around the 99th percentile — last summer I won a high-stakes trivia game for the question How many roses did Ross send Emily? (72), I’ve watched my favorite episode more times than I care to think about (“The One with the Prom Video”), and there hasn’t been a time I wasn’t glad to hear the glorious opening notes of the theme song.

All of the characters have qualities that can be admired — Joey is fiercely loyal, Chandler has an endless ability to laugh at himself, Monica is unapologetically herself. But Rachel? Rachel is the one everyone wanted to dress like — by any measure, the girl had it goin’ on.

Even 20 years after the final episode, Rachel’s outfits are a kind of effortless, New-York chic that I can only dream of achieving — but that doesn’t mean I can’t try. While some of her outfits could be worn proudly today (the ’90s are alive and well, people), I set out to adjust her most recognizable ones to incorporate the 2019 equivalents — out with the cargo capris, in with the wide-leg pants.

This is how you can rock the 2019 version of her most iconic looks.


1. The Shorteralls and Sneakers

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix

overalls | tank | sneakers | scrunchie



2. The Upgraded Tee and Sweats

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix

tee | pants | sandals | bag



3. The Slip Dress

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix

dress | sandals | bag | earrings



4. The Athleisure Look

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix

joggers | top | sandals | tote



5. The Iconic USA Top

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix

tee | skirt | sandals | sunglasses

6. The Army Green Capris

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix

pants | tank | sandal | bag

7. The Gingham Dress

Source: Warner Bros. | Netflix


dress | sneaker | bracelet


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