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20+ Absolutely Stunning Removable Wallpapers


It’s pretty safe to assume this wallpaper trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And for that, we couldn’t be happier! Decorating with wallpaper, when done correctly, can really make a room. It creates this amazing impact, an easy focal point, and the perfect backdrop to build on top of. Not to mention it’s the perfect solution to jazz up a ceiling, staircase, gallery wall… you name it! Yet it can be daunting to source wallpaper, then commit to the perfect print all before installing it. That’s why we love the removable options so much. It takes away some of the fear behind committing to a pricey — and lasting — decor choice. 

You don’t need to fit under the renter category for this one (though removable wallpaper is perfect for those who don’t own!) — we have a great round up of some amazing temporary finds that will surely add some color, pattern, and life to your spaces.



Chasing Paper

Starburst Tile

Walls Need Love

Pixel Diamonds




Soft and Subtle

Walls Need Love

Waves of Chic

Tempaper Designs

Ombre Wallpaper

Bold and Beautiful


Rocky Mountain Decals

Moon Wallpaper

What do you think of these removable wallpaper finds? Would you add one of these to a space in your home?