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My Top 5 Nightstand Essentials for a Screen-Free Bedtime Routine


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polaroid collage of hatch, tea cup, woman with eye mask"
polaroid collage of hatch, tea cup, woman with eye mask

By now we’re all keenly aware of the deleterious effects our phones can have on the quality of our sleep. Personally speaking, I can count on zero fingers the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep while doom-scrolling and woken up feeling refreshed. And despite many valiant attempts to stay off my phone at bedtime, as long as I kept it on my nightstand, more often than not, I’d wind up reaching for it (did I mention I have the self-control of a toddler?).

The only way I was able to go screen-free at bedtime required charging my phone outside of my bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind. This one small change has radically overhauled my bedtime routine. First and foremost, I’m going to bed at a much more decent hour, which translates into waking up feeling more well-rested. And bedtime overall feels a lot more serene, since I’m no longer overstimulating my brain by what’s trending on TikTok as I drift off to sleep. Here’s what I now keep on my nightstand instead of my phone.

1. My trusty Hatch Restore 2

Hands down the biggest factor that has contributed to me being able to establish a healthier bedtime routine is my Hatch Restore 2. It offers me a lot of things—a calming night light, a soothing sound machine, and a gentle sunrise wake-up call. Instead of scrolling for hours and having my circadian rhythm disrupted by the light of my phone screen (a tale as old as time), I now have a solid rest routine that was simple to set up in my Hatch Sleep app.

It starts with a moody purple light that leaves the room dark enough to fall asleep while still providing a bit of light so I can see. Once I settle into my bed and get cozy, I listen to a sleep story, which is a great transition at bedtime because it offers light entertainment while also helping me get into a more relaxed state. My favorite stories are the ones by The Gardener Sorceress, Morgan le Fey, a sorceress of Arthurian legend who tells intriguing tales of unusual gardens. Each story has a soundtrack with soothing water and/or nature sounds that play softly behind her voice, and it entertains me while simultaneously lulling me to sleep.

Before owning one for myself, I’d see Hatch Restore 2 on my social feeds and raise a brow, wondering if it could finally solve all of my nighttime routine woes. And after using mine over the past month I can confidently say: I wish I gave into the hype sooner. Don’t lose another minute of sleep separated from what will inevitably be your bedtime hero product. With free 3-day shipping and a 60-night money-back guarantee, there’s never been a better time to make it happen.

hatch restore 2
Restore 2

As pretty as it is practical, Hatch Restore 2 is my secret weapon to staying screen-free at bedtime. It’s a sound machine. It’s a soothing nightlight. It gives me a gentle wake-up call. In short, it’s my bedtime BFF.

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2. A vagus nerve pillow mist

I’m a big fan of aromatherapy, and this pillow mist is beautifully scented with all of my favorites: lavender, chamomile, and juniper. The combination of scents was designed to calm your vagus nerve, which is what activates your body’s relaxation response and helps you regulate stress. I spritz this a few times on my pillow to create a spa vibe at bedtime.

Osea Pillow Mist
Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

This pillow mist is truly where science meets wellness. A few nighttime spritzes sets the ultimate, soothing vibe before bed and—pro tip—is also one of my favorite travel essentials.

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3. An easy-on-the-eyes hardcover notebook

One thing that always used to keep me up at night was all of the random thoughts swirling around in my head. Did I forget to reply to that email? Am I out of almond milk? Etc., etc., etc. I used to put these kinds of thoughts or reminders in my notes app, but since I’ve gone unplugged, I now use a journal instead. This one was designed by one of my favorite British product designers, Matilda Goad, and the scallop print looks so pretty on my nightstand.

Papier Scallop Spine Hardcover Notebook
Scallop Spine Hardcover Notebook

Come for the stunning, nightstand-worthy design, stay for the  archiving of million dollar ideas and grocery lists.  Notes app, be gone (during my nighttime routine, at least).

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4. My go-to herbal tea

During daylight hours, I’m more of a coffee person than a tea person. But when I do find that I’m craving something warm to drink at night, this chamomile tea is my go-to choice. It’s naturally caffeine-free, has a lovely floral note, and I’ve found that it really does have a calming effect on me before bed. The fact it comes inside a pretty tin package is an added bonus.

Harney & Sons Herbal Tea
Harney & Sons
Chamomile Herbal Tea

I have repurchased this tea from World Market more times than I can count—partially because of its gorgeous container but mostly because it’s one of my favorite ways to romanticize my bedtime routine.

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5. A serum-enhancing skincare tool

As a self-professed skincare junkie, I love utilizing skincare devices to help my serums sink in better. This wand offers galvanic current to do just that, plus it has red light therapy that targets fine lines and wrinkles. What makes it so perfect for bedtime, though, is the combination of vibrating facial massage and therapeutic warmth. It is incredibly relaxing and definitely puts me in a sleepier state.

solawave skincare wand
Skincare Wand

For a tiny device, this wand packs a punch. Featuring red light therapy, galvanic current, and therapeutic warmth, it has all the essentials to give you glowy skin while also offering a relaxing facial massage at bedtime.

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This post is sponsored by Hatch, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.