Secrets From a Makeup Artist: Quick Fixes for Makeup Mistakes


All of us are prone to making makeup mistakes, especially when we’re in a hurry trying to apply the perfect application. Luckily, for every makeup mistake, there is a quick fix that will not only help save you time, but also help you to look your best!

1. Broken Powder Case

The Mistake: It’s that moment where your life flashes before your eyes and you drop your favorite bronzer on the bathroom tile where it breaks into a million pieces in the case. Your first thought might be to just throw it away, but this little trick will save you from buying another bronzer!

The Quick Fix: Take the tip of a bobby pin and crush up the powder into small refined pieces, then take some rubbing alcohol and pour a little bit into the case. Put saran wrap over the powder and gently press down to mold the powder back into the case. Let sit until dry and your powder will be good as new!

2. Mascara Mishap

The Mistake: It’s happened to all of us—either you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with a mascara wand or your body decides to punish you by sneezing right after applying a beautiful application of mascara.

The Quick Fix: Don’t worry, this is an easy mistake to fix if you just wait! Keep going with your routine of getting ready and let the mascara smear dry. Then, take a q-tip and just flick away any unwanted mascara on the skin and go on with your day.

Source: Makeup By Mario

3. Mismatched Foundation

The Mistake: It’s a realization that usually happens when you step into natural lighting, look into a mirror, and realize that your foundation definitely does not match your neck. This can happen especially to those of you that are very tan in the summer and very pale in the winter, but there is an easy fix!

The Quick Fix: There are a few ways to fix this problem. Either blend foundation down to your neck so that you don’t have demarcation lines (the lines you get on your jawline from where your foundation stops and your natural skin starts because it doesn’t match your skin tone). Or, you can color correct foundation by using a lighter or darker powder foundation.

4. Over Lined Lips

The Mistake: So you’re lining your lips, trying to perfect the Kylie Jenner look, and you go a little overboard. The easiest way to fix this mistake, rather than taking it all off and starting over again, is to use two products.

The Quick Fix: Take a flat concealer brush and a face concealer in the same color as your foundation. After dipping your concealer brush into some concealer, clean up the unwanted lip liner around the edges of your mouth to get the perfect pout!

Source: Nasty Gal

5. Too Much Blush/Bronzer

The Mistake: Your current obsession is your new blush and you’re having the time of your life applying it to the apples of your cheeks until you realize that you now kind of resemble a clown. Just put down the blush brush!

The Quick Fix: Instead of using your hand and rubbing the blush off, use a powder brush and apply powder foundation over your cheeks. This will tone down the blush and it will give a more natural finish to the cheeks.

6. Lipstick on Teeth

The Mistake: Nothing is more embarrassing than thinking you’re rocking this amazing lipstick while talking to a cute guy at the bar and then you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror—and you have lipstick all over your teeth. Don’t panic, there’s an easy last step to your lipstick application that will save you the embarrassment of having to awkwardly lick away the lipstick on your teeth.

The Quick Fix: Just take your clean index finger (or thumb) and put it in your mouth, close, and then pull it out. This will pick up any unwanted lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth!

Source: Jamie and Niks

7. Cake Face

The Mistake: You’re applying a powder foundation because it gives a bit more coverage to your liquid and also helps matte your skin. Then you realize that you might have applied too much powder because you now look flat and super cake-y. No worries, this happens to the best of us, just lay your powder brush down now.

The Quick Fix: Use a makeup setting spray to instantly moisturize and take away the look of an over powdered face. This super easy step is my go to, not only when I’ve gone overboard with powder, but also when I can see that my skin needs a little more hydration throughout the day.

8. Puffy Tired Eyes

The Mistake: You went out the night before a big interview and now you’ve woken up with swollen, dark under eyes and no matter what concealer you use, it doesn’t help your puffy tired eyes.

The Quick Fix: Before applying skincare or concealer to under eyes, soak green tea bags in cold water and place them under your eyes, letting sit for 5-7 minutes. The caffeine from the green tea will help de-puff and brighten the eye area. Then after patting your under eyes dry, apply your regular eye cream and concealer.