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Here at The Everygirl HQ, we have a few decor pieces that are universally loved. Everyone in the office has at least one Diptyque candle, we’re all natural basket hoarders, and we are no stranger to a chic, classic black frame. Scroll down to shop all our recurring favorites — with styling advice and inspiration photos from our homes!


Source: @alainakaz

I once received a Diptyque candle as a gift and it was the most excited I have ever been for a candle in my life. Is this adulthood? These are definitely an investment, but they last FOREVER and are quite scented even when they aren’t burning so you can really stretch out the time. Plus, the empty jars make chic receptacles for makeup brushes, Q-tips, and all your loose paraphernalia.


Throw pillows are one of those things that should be ridiculously, blissfully, irreverently easy but are actually a HUGE PAIN. You look and look and the second you find one that you like, it’s $3,567. It’s the reason my couch was naked for the entirety of 2018. This year, I’m taking a cue from my stylish teammates and picking neutral styles from shops like H&M Home, Serena & Lily, Etsy Boutiques, and more for affordable pillows that will mix and match well.


I picked up my tray (in the top left photo) from a vintage market and I truly could not love it more. The day I brought it home, I just stared at it for hours like it was a real, human baby instead of a mirrored tray. Decorative trays are an essential styling piece because they’re affordable and fit basically anywhere — open shelves, coffee tables, vanity, bathrooms, etc. — and are easy to fill with polaroids, candles, and knick knacks. An instant way to elevate your space.


Source: @alainakaz

Our Cofounder Alaina asked for these frames (pictured above) as a graduation present and she still has them! A minimal and classic frame — we like one with a generous matte — never goes out of style. You’ll take them from apartment to apartment, space to space and they are easily changeable by adding different photos or moving them to another room. A great, affordable way to take up all that empty wall space and make your home feel instantly cozier.


There’s something so welcoming and warm and just. dang. pleasing. about these baskets. The natural texture is a great juxtaposition to clean lines of furniture or softer silhouettes of couches or chairs. They also make a perfect receptacle for all that loose stuff that is inevitably scattered across your living room — cords (so manyyyyy cords), extra styling knick knacks, pet toys, etc. Dump all that in and cover with a blanket and you’re in business.


Source: @kellyetz

This is my rug pictured above (also my cat! hi, lovely) and honestly, I have thought about wrapping up in it burrito-style and never emerging. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. It’s a vintage-style, which means it comes delightfully pre-faded with lots of character but is also very affordable (like, crazy affordable for a large rug) and easy to clean. I have to deal with a LOT of pet hair, and the pattern and fading of vintage-style rugs helps to hide it enough so that you don’t have to vacuum four times a day. These rugs are also wayyyy more pet-friendly (also kid-friendly, roommate-friendly, life-friendly, etc.) than something like a jute rug because they are scratch-proof and spills basically repel off of them.


Source: @alainakaz

Just like with throw pillows, neutral art is a no-brainer because it’s easy to curate into a gallery wall and looks good against basically all furniture and color schemes. This is also a great way to incorporate your family photos or personal photos into a gallery wall — a great shot in black and white can look elevated while still being personal and special to you. We’re partial to black and white, but you can also choose a color to reference throughout your gallery wall to make sure all your art is playing nicely against each other.


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