Summer 2020’s Best Sunglasses Trends

If you had to rank all of your accessories—shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses—by which has the power to change the feel of an outfit most, the answer would hands-down, no question, be sunglasses.

A pair of sunglasses has the power to transform the entire essence of what you’re wearing in a matter of milliseconds. Think about it: you’re wearing a flowy, white midi dress, and you add a pair of oversized, square sunglasses to top it off. How different does that feel compared to the black, cat-eyed ones you almost chose? If you ask me, a lot. 

While some sunglass styles are timeless closet staples, trendier versions come and go with the seasons—and with inexpensive options, they’re the best accessory to invest in if you want to upgrade your closet for the summer months. No matter your face shape or budget, these are the best sunglasses to wear this summer—no teeny-tiny wirey ones included.


Stark white

Source: @mossonyi

Three years ago, summer 2017’s dominant pair of sunglasses was a thick, oval, chunky white pair (you might know them as “clout goggles”). While they’re the most memorable pair of recent seasons, white sunglasses are taking other shapes and styles to give you a non-black neutral option for the warmer months.


Flat tops


This year, take a futuristic and sporty turn with your eyewear by opting for a pair of shades with a flat top. They’re versatile, flattering, and ultra-cool.


(Not quite so) teeny-tiny

Source: @trulyjamie


The teeny-tiny sunglasses every celebrity and influencer was wearing last year? They’ve gotten slightly larger, with chunkier, plastic frames, rather than uber-thin wirey ones. It’s easier for us mortals to pull off and gives a chic, ’90s-esque vibe to your look. Will you look like you’re in The Matrix? Yes, and that’s exactly what we’re going for.


Acetate Frame Sunglasses

3 colors available

Sam Edelman

Gradient Cat-Eye Sunglasses

2 colors available


Prove It

2 colors available


(Not your) Granny’s sunglasses

Source: @ambrasbrice


When I was little, my grandma used to walk around town in a polka dot babushka and giant, square sunglasses that took up half of her face. While I couldn’t dream of being as fabulous as my Grandma Doris, summer 2020 is bringing her favorite style of sunglasses back. Think: square, giant, and just a little bit ridiculous.


Classic aviators

Luckily for all of us that have a pair of classic Ray Bans sitting in our drawer, good ole’ aviators are back in full force. Make them your own by choosing a pair with a tinted lens or detail on the bridge.


Mirrored Aviators

4 colors available

Free People

Sundown Oversized Aviators

4 colors available


High Key Rimless

4 colors available


x Lizzo Hold Please Aviators

3 colors available


Exaggerated cat eyes

Source: @indyrodz

There’s nothing subtle about this season’s cat-eye sunglasses. Opt for a pair in a fun color, with an exaggerated shape, or in a fun print.