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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Thousand Fell but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

I Look at Hundreds of Products All Day—These 10 Make Being Sustainable Easy


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“Being sustainable” isn’t something you achieve overnight. No offense to those content creators who can fit several years’ worth of trash into a single Mason jar, but no one *actually* wakes up one day and suddenly starts living a completely zero-waste, climate-neutral lifestyle. Like many things, it’s a process, and the key is to start small.

One of the best ways I’ve found to up my eco-friendliness is to swap in a few sustainable products for items I’m already using in my daily routine. Trying to give my whole life an eco-friendly overhaul all at once is a sure-fire way to make me burnt out and inevitably go right back to my old ways. Instead, I focus on small things I can do every day to reduce my impact on the planet. If you’re looking for places to start, these sustainable products make it easy to swap in a more ecological option without sacrificing your style. 

Thousand Fell
Women's Court Sneaker

Cans and bottles are easy to recycle, but your worn-out sneakers from the college days? Not so much. That is, until Thousand Fell entered the chat. Thousand Fell created the first recyclable sneaker with thoughtfully selected materials and designed their sneakers to ensure that as many of their shoes can get recycled as possible without sacrificing on comfort or durability. Plus, if you send them back to be recycled at the end of their life cycle, Thousand Fell offers $20 toward your next pair. See ya later, sneaker waste.

Use code EVERYGIRL for 20% off orders over $80 at Thousand Fell!

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Organic Cotton Sheet Set

A quality set of sheets in an underrated home purchase you'll never regret splurging on. And since this set is made from organic cotton and includes carbon-neutral shipping and returns, you can sleep soundly on your new super-soft sheets.

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Airplane Colorblock Pullover

We found your new comfy-casual uniform. This pullover is made in a Fair Trade Certified factory from organic cotton, which uses no pesticides or fertilizers and much less water than regular cotton. A win for your closet and the environment!

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West Elm
Mid-Century Nightstand

West Elm has an entire Sustainably Sourced section of their site where you can find gems like this nightstand, which is made in a Fair Trade Certified factory using consciously grown wood. Check out the whole collection to find other organic, Fair Trade, or locally made items.

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The Italian Leather Mini Studio Bag

This timeless crossbody bag will stay in your regular rotation for years to come, and since it's made of 100% premium Italian leather, it'll actually hold up. From the factories to the materials, Everlane is serious about their commitment to sustainability, so you can feel good about investing in this staple.

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Uncommon Goods
Wine Bottle Shorty Glasses

Need some new drinkware to up your bar cart game? These colorful glasses are made from recycled wine bottles, which are sourced from bars and restaurants in Colorado before being hand-cut and fire-polished for a smooth surface. How cool is that?

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Girlfriend Collective
Ivory Bianca One Shoulder Bra

Step away from fast-fashion activewear, and say hello to this sports bra made from recycled plastic bottles (plus some spandex for stretchability). The chic one-shoulder style means you can wear it as a workout bra or as a crop top!

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Bee's Wrap
Vegan Plant-Based Assorted Wraps

It's all too easy to grab a single-use plastic baggie every time you pack lunch for the office or stash something small in the fridge. For a greener alternative, reach for one of these self-sealing beeswax wraps, which you can use to wrap up fruit, veggies, snacks, and so much more.

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100% Washable Silk Pajamas with Piping

Super soft, Mulberry silk PJs you can toss in your washing machine? Sign us up. Even better: Quince products ship directly from the factory to your door using compostable packaging, which minimizes waste and your carbon footprint.

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Grove Collaborative
Hydrating Hand Soap + Dispenser

If you're buying a new plastic dispenser of soap every time you run out, you're doing it wrong. Instead, opt for a refillable dispenser, like this amber glass one from Grove Collaborative. It comes with a hand soap refill that's packaged in recyclable aluminum, so the whole set is plastic-free!

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Thousand Fell but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.