The 7 Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants

With so many of us opting for beauty products sans harsh chemicals, it’s no wonder that deodorant has finally made the list. But before we understand what to look for in a deodorant, it’s important to know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Deodorants are meant to neutralize odor by killing the bacteria that causes it or by simply masking it. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, block the sweat glands in order to prevent perspiring in the first place. The problem with many antiperspirants is that they contain harsh chemicals like aluminum, which absorb into the skin and may have negative effects on your health. Some claims state that aluminum can increase chances of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, yet there are many other studies that suggest otherwise. Since there is still a lot we don’t know about the effects of aluminum, it’s understandable that many of us are going the natural route to avoid these harsh chemicals all together.

The first step in opting for an aluminum-free deodorant is making sure you’re actually selecting a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant. Luckily, there are plenty of deodorants that are truly effective without using harsh chemicals. Here are the top 7 aluminum-free deodorants we recommend!

Best Selling

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant

The most popular aluminum-free deodorant is Tom’s of Maine Long Long Lasting Natural Deodorant because of its scent and effectiveness. The product uses a mix of botanicals, sage, and lemongrass that combats odor without being harsh on the skin.


Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

If you’re looking for a simple and effective deodorant without the scent, Crystal Body Deodorant Stick seems to be a consumer favorite. Made of natural mineral salt, Crystal Body Deodorant prevents odor without plugging sweat glands like most antiperspirants do. (Plus, it’s extremely affordable at only $7 per bottle!)

Made With Essential Oils

Weleda Sage Deodorant

If you’re a fan of essential oils and their many positive effects, give Weleda Sage Deodorant a try. It combines sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and even licorice root extract to create a formula that neutralizes odors.

Feels Like an Antiperspirant

Korres Equisetum 24h Deodorant

This popular deodorant contains a unique ingredient called equisetum, a grass-like plant, which naturally combats odor. It also uses corn derived starches to give you that powder fresh feeling you often get from antiperspirants.

High End

Aesop Deodorant

For those of you interested in something a bit more high end, Aesop makes an excellent deodorant containing a mix of lemongrass, clove, and vetiver root that inhibit the growth of bacteria. The product comes in a spray form and is suitable for both men and women.


Erbaviva Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant

Not all natural deodorants are certified organic, so if this is a priority give Erbaviva a try. Its unique combination of organic grain alcohol and essential oils (including tea tree) fights bacteria and odor effectively.


Le Couvant Des Minimes Everyday Deodorant

If you have a strong preference for roll-on functionality, Le Couvant Des Minimes Everyday Deodorant is the way to go. With its original formula of alum stone (a natural deodorant) and a slew of essential oils, this option has a lovely citrus scent great for everyday use.

What’s your favorite aluminum-free deodorant?

  • lvillarreal

    Tom’s does not work very well – at least for me. By noon I wanted to run home and shower.

    I’ve been using Les Couvent des Minimes for about half a year now and I really like it. It smells great and you can get it at ULTA or Amazon.

    • I agree, Tom’s is awful. I wore it for less than a day before washing it off in the sink at work. Very sticky.

    • Hanny

      I’ll back this answer up too. It didn’t work for me. I smelled so bad after two hours of wearing it.

  • Heather

    Great list! Thanks 🙂

    After seeing it on Shark Tank, I started using PiperWai and love it!! Works great all day. It has charcoal in it which somehow blocks the odor. Has a subtle minty smell.

    It comes in a jar and you apply it with your fingers.

    • PiperWai is THE BEST. It’s the only natural deodorant/antiperspirant that has lasted all day for me. I’m obsessed.

    • Ooo good to know!! I’ve never heard of it this one!

  • Juls

    The best I’ve found is made by a small start up, so most people haven’t heard about it. Yet :-). It’s called Primal Pit Paste…and its awesome! Link to product page on their website, but well worth the time to jop over yo the “About Us” page, as well as the reviewd:

  • ElizaD

    Any crunchy girl worth her salt knows that Soapwalla deodorant is one of the very best.

    • Christine

      I had trouble with this one due to sensitive skin from the baking soda 🙁 So bummed as there’s so much hype around it. Same with Schmidt’s.. I LOVED the scent and how it worked but I got a rash.

      • erica o

        Same here- I find it irritated my pits and made them itchy 🙁

  • Katerinabeth

    I hate hate HATE Tom’s. I’ve been doing an experiment for the past few weeks because I was convinced I smelled worse when I wore it, so I only put it under one arm. Sure enough, the funk was worse in the arm with Tom’s. The combo of scents they use is nasty. I’ve actually made my own using coconut oil, baking soda, tea tree oil, and lavender that I found on Pinterest (it’s a paste that you apply with your fingers). It’s much cheaper and smells much better!

    • Seems like a lot of you are anti-Toms! I’ll have to try this homemade one! 🙂

  • caylery

    Shout out to Green Beaver deodorant. I’ve tried both the lavender and rose kinds and really like them, I’ve never had a smell problem. Trader Joe’s brand of natural deodorant gave me a horrible rash 🙁

    • Good tip! Also love the idea of lavender and rose scents!

  • Lea

    I have to agree with others about Tom’s. It’s never worked for me. How about Schmidt’s? Works great. Smells great. It’s my go to.

  • Dee

    I actually layer the crystal followed by Lavanilla deodorant and it works really well for me. My sisters who were pregnant and said that the hormonal change made it a nightmare to battle odor also swear by the crystal.

  • I’ve tried Tom’s and didn’t find it worked well at all, at least for me. I’m a fan of the Lavanille pictured but not mentioned, as well as a fan of the Crystal. Definitely interested in trying some of the others you mentioned.

  • Nikki Laraja

    This is really helpful, I have wanted to try a natural deodorant for a while, Thanks!

  • Christine

    I really like Meow Meow Tweet’s baking soda free grapefruit deo.

  • Elisa

    Schmidts is the best! Comes in great scents and is the only thing that works for me.

  • Maura

    I used Weleda for over a year, and it does work fairly well at neutralizing odors. The scent itself (I used the rose one) didn’t smell all that good, so I was just left smelling a bit musty all day. What made me finally quit using it, though, was that I found the spray to be very irritating. It was nice at first because it doesn’t leave any weird residue on your clothes, which is great! But when I would shower in the morning and shave my armpits, and then spray the product in my armpits, it would sting badly for about ten seconds. I just got sick of it, and I always wondered in the back of my head if a product that made my sensitive, just-shaved skin sting so badly from the alcohol in it could really be any better for my health than antiperspirants containing aluminum. So I went back to antiperspirants a couple months ago, but I always look for the ones with the lowest percentage of aluminum. And I must admit that it is incredibly nice not having damp, musty pits anymore. If all-natural deodorant products get any better, I would consider switching back to one someday.

  • fmenthusiast

    Amanda thank you for this list! I started using aluminum-free a few years ago and honestly would never go back. I’ve tried a few but all too expensive I find. I’ve stuck with Soft&Dri which has worked remarkably well. I just wish all brands had at least one aluminum-free deodorant. Would make life so much easier. But this post helps a lot.


  • Audrey

    I really like Kiss My Face Cucumber. Tom’s didn’t work so well for me either, so I was happy to find this brand.

  • Amy R Loder

    I like Dermalogica, It’s a gel roll on, smells great and lasts for other. And alternate using using a spray by Priya Means Love (available on Etsy).

  • Shelby Goodwin

    I can’t use Toms! It just does not work for me at all! I feel like I’m not wearing anything. But the one I love most I don’t even see on the list. It’s called Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream in the Lavender scent & it works great! It only smells like lavender for about 10 minutes & then I don’t smell anything again all day & it just takes 30 seconds to rub on & be done. =] Simple.

  • Rebekah

    Tom’s is the worst. I’d have been better off not using anything.

    I’ve been using Kiss My Face Peaceful Patchouli for 10 years. Absolutely love it. I’m one of the few people in the world that patchouli blends well with my body chemistry, so I don’t just smell like a non-bathing hippie.

  • SMD

    life changer: the mint and rosemary (does not smell strongly though) deodorant from Kings Road Apothecary. Wore this bad boy every day this summer on an archaeological excavation. I was sweating up a storm but I NEVER smelled bad.

  • Ky

    Tom’s made my underarms turn red!

  • Jamie Salve

    AC Nature is a great natural deodorant without aluminum, parabens or other toxic stuff.

    If you don’t mind aluminum, get the Donna Karen Cashmere Mist . It smells amazing and still long lasting.

  • I use and swear by Lovefresh! Smooth, creamy texture and smells great. Keeps away the sweat and bad odors 🙂 It does not irritate my underarms like Primal Pit Paste or Tom’s did.

  • Jolie Misek

    Jason Tea Tree deodorant

  • Charlie Brown

    I really like the natural deodorant that is made by freedom.

  • Lisa

    Schmidt’s naturals is the best. Tom’s SUCKS!!

  • Timmy Stevenson

    Yeah, I wasn’t also very impressed with Tom’s. I also felt it left my daughter’s skin very sticky or at least that what she was complaining about. I finally was able to get her this stuff called Certain Dri that really did the trick. Her excessive sweat was controlled because this antiperspirant allows for three different types of hyperhidrosis treatment options. After doing much research about the topic though online websites and doctors, I was able to come to the conclusion that all excessive sweating is different and rate that people sweat is really never the same. So to suggest that one solution will work for everyone is nearly impossible. Certain Dri adjusts to this my making three different types of antiperspirants with different levels of aluminum to help clog your pores in your sweat that make you sweat. They have a a 12%, a 20% and 25% based on how much you normally sweat. Unless you have tried other brands and know your percentage that you need, I would suggest starting with the first one and working up to something that works. Many people jump into the highest amount of protection and don’t realize that too much aluminium can’t end up causing rashes and chemical burns. Stay safe by trying the 12%. Or do your own research like I did for my daughter. Look at many different websites and get options. Check out if you are interested in what worked for my family. Good luck everyone.

  • Rebecca Hawkenson

    I tried Tom’s and I would have rather amputated my arm (!) it doesn’t work well and caused a terrible, itchy rash in my armpit! Probably the worst place for a bad itchy rash…

  • Honza

    Might be worth mentioning Arm And Hammer since it does great job and can cost anywhere from 99c – $3 depending on store (and they sell both with Al and w/o so check the back label but the one w/o is the “normal” strength).