The 7 Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants

With so many of us opting for beauty products sans harsh chemicals, it’s no wonder that deodorant has finally made the list. But before we understand what to look for in a deodorant, it’s important to know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Deodorants are meant to neutralize odor by killing the bacteria that causes it or by simply masking it. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, block the sweat glands in order to prevent perspiring in the first place. The problem with many antiperspirants is that they contain harsh chemicals like aluminum, which absorb into the skin and may have negative effects on your health. Some claims state that aluminum can increase chances of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, yet there are many other studies that suggest otherwise. Since there is still a lot we don’t know about the effects of aluminum, it’s understandable that many of us are going the natural route to avoid these harsh chemicals all together.

The first step in opting for an aluminum-free deodorant is making sure you’re actually selecting a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant. Luckily, there are plenty of deodorants that are truly effective without using harsh chemicals. Here are the top 7 aluminum-free deodorants we recommend!

Best Selling

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant

The most popular aluminum-free deodorant is Tom’s of Maine Long Long Lasting Natural Deodorant because of its scent and effectiveness. The product uses a mix of botanicals, sage, and lemongrass that combats odor without being harsh on the skin.


Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

If you’re looking for a simple and effective deodorant without the scent, Crystal Body Deodorant Stick seems to be a consumer favorite. Made of natural mineral salt, Crystal Body Deodorant prevents odor without plugging sweat glands like most antiperspirants do. (Plus, it’s extremely affordable at only $7 per bottle!)

Made With Essential Oils

Weleda Sage Deodorant

If you’re a fan of essential oils and their many positive effects, give Weleda Sage Deodorant a try. It combines sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and even licorice root extract to create a formula that neutralizes odors.

Feels Like an Antiperspirant

Korres Equisetum 24h Deodorant

This popular deodorant contains a unique ingredient called equisetum, a grass-like plant, which naturally combats odor. It also uses corn derived starches to give you that powder fresh feeling you often get from antiperspirants.

High End

Aesop Deodorant

For those of you interested in something a bit more high end, Aesop makes an excellent deodorant containing a mix of lemongrass, clove, and vetiver root that inhibit the growth of bacteria. The product comes in a spray form and is suitable for both men and women.


Erbaviva Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant

Not all natural deodorants are certified organic, so if this is a priority give Erbaviva a try. Its unique combination of organic grain alcohol and essential oils (including tea tree) fights bacteria and odor effectively.


Le Couvant Des Minimes Everyday Deodorant

If you have a strong preference for roll-on functionality, Le Couvant Des Minimes Everyday Deodorant is the way to go. With its original formula of alum stone (a natural deodorant) and a slew of essential oils, this option has a lovely citrus scent great for everyday use.

What’s your favorite aluminum-free deodorant?