The Best Bridal Shoes to Wear on Your Wedding Day

If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed of your wedding dress your entire life. You’ve had a Pinterest board of “Wedding Dress inspo” since you were 13, feel strong opinions about each new bride and their dresses on Say Yes to the Dress (and why can’t the moms just be supportive of what the bride wants!?), and you’ve probably fantasized about what Kate Hudson’s Vera Wang in Bride Wars would look like on you. Would you be more of a princess-dress kind of bride or is beachy boho more your feel?

But bridal shoes aren’t really fantasized about. No one is interested in Say Yes to the Shoes or can remember what Kate Hudson wore under all that Vera Wang tulle. However, the shoes you wear are a crucial part of your wedding day. They have to take you from an elegant (not wobbly) walk down the aisle, to getting down on the dance floor well into the morning, and they have to look great enough in pictures that you’ll love them for a lifetime. Now those are some tough shoes to fill (pun intended). Bridal shoes, you the real MVP’s. Here are our favorite shoes that are as elegant and timeless as they are comfortable.


The White Heels

The Nude Heels

The Metallic Heels

The Something-Blue Heels

The Statement Heels

The Unexpected Color

Source: @lauragordon

The Flats


Which of these styles would you wear on your wedding day? If you already got married, what shoes did you wear?