The Best Pet-Friendly Sofas

You’re on the hunt for that perfect sofa. You think… Should I go for the trendy, hunter green velvet? But then you sensibly remember your sweet pet and all the drool, fur, and nails that come with them, and the dream fades. Sound familiar?

Many of us lovingly share our home with a fur baby or two, and, naturally, they factor into these types of design decisions. Even if we’ve successfully trained our pet not to climb or claw on the furniture, their hair still magically finds its way onto the fabric. That gorgeous velvet sofa may not look so gorgeous after a few weeks. And yet, all hope is not lost! It just takes some knowledge on fabrics and a bit of digging to find the right fit.

Lucky for you, we did the leg work and rounded up 10 sofas that are pet-friendly and stylish. 



Thick, comfy cushions and easy to clean slipcovers make this sofa a no-brainer for pets and people alike.

Interior Define


Another pre-treated fabric option that can be customized in so many ways — from the color to the configuration. You can even customize the legs!



Affordable and pet-friendly with removable covers that can pop right into the washing machine.

West Elm


Traditional velvet may be a no go, but with performance velvet you’ll have a much better shot at keeping it clean and pretty.

West Elm

Monroe Mid-Century Sofa

A vintage-inspired sofa with bolster pillows and tapered legs. It comes in many fabrics — like pet-friendly heather grey microfiber, which won’t scratch easily and can be cleaned in a cinch.



So well built, with reversible seat and back cushions and tough fabric that can withstand lots of action.


Decker 2-Piece Sectional

Roomy enough that you can curl up with the whole family, pets included! Plus the salt and pepper microfiber fabric will wear like a dream and disguise fur incredibly well.



Joybird has a unique pet-friendly feature. Choose a sofa and then see all the fabrics that are specifically meant for pets. The Korver sofa in particular has mid-century lines and a single cushion to make cleaning even simpler.

Birch Lane


A sofa that begs to be sat on. It's charming and easy to clean with removable slip covers.



I had to include my own sofa! With two dogs, it’s holding up incredibly well (any scratches only add to its character), and I don’t have to vacuum it at all. Just a quick swipe and dog fur is gone. Plus it’s beautiful and so cozy!