The Makeup Tools You Need on Your Vanity

Confession: I’m a makeup addict. I’m all over every new eyeshadow palette release, I watch at least 30 different makeup YouTubers on a weekly basis, and my makeup collection will always have way more than the average person needs. It’s been a hobby of mine for years, but the number one thing I’ve learned is to invest in my tools above all else. Yeah, that’s right.

You can make the most inexpensive of makeup look amazing if you have the right tools to achieve the look. It’s about technique as much as it is about your holy grail products — some of my foundations require a big, dense brush, while others look the best with a sponge. You have to experiment and figure out which ones work best for you. Over the years I’ve definitely found a few favorites, so I rounded up my top 10 tools that every vanity needs.


the original beautyblender

Who doesn't own a beauty blender by now?! (And if you don't, add that to cart right this second). This little sponge seems basic enough, but it gives the most natural finish to any foundation. I also love it for blending out concealer, cream contour, and cream blush.


blendercleanser solid

This is a necessity if you're a beauty blender user. Because it's a sponge, beauty blenders can harbor a LOT of bacteria, and even mold, if they're not cleaned properly. This cleanser gets all of that grossness out, leaving the most pleasant lavender scent. It also keeps your beauty blender feeling as bouncy as ever!

Sephora Collection

PRO Featherweight Fan Brush #92

If you're into highlighting your face with powders, this is the best brush to do it with. It gives the most natural look to your highlighter while still giving you all the glow. Fan brushes tend to be really thin and deposit color in a straight line across the cheek — this one has a little more density to it, so it diffuses beautifully.

Sephora Collection

Color Switch by Vera Mona

This magic little thing changed my eyeshadow life. I love eyeshadow, it's probably my favorite makeup product; however, I don't have 10 different eyeshadow brushes to use every time I want to do something with a different color. Then came the Color Switch and all was well on my eyelids again. When you dip your brush into this and swirl around a little bit, any remaining shadow from the brush will come off. So, you can dip into as many different shades with the exact same brush throughout the entire look. GENIUS, RIGHT?!


14 PC Makeup Brush Set

I was blown away by how good these were for the price. They're without a doubt the most affordable brushes I've ever found, and I love that they come in such a large set. Unless you're a serious makeup lover, you don't need too many other brushes other than these. Oh, and they look absolutely gorgeous on your vanity. Win-win!


Elite Mirror Oval 6 Brush

This brush is expensive, but hear me out. I have yet to find a brush that completely (and beautifully!) blends my foundation so quickly. This brush gives a new meaning to the five minute makeup routine.


Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

We all know how hard it is to do our makeup in a less-than-amazing mirror. Not only is the price on this amazing (mirrors can be so expensive!), it's clear, easy to clean, and the zoom is fantastic. If your vanity isn't rose gold like mine, it also comes in white and gold.

Real Techniques

Setting Brush

This is the best brush to set your undereye concealer, hands down. It's soft enough for under the eyes, picks up enough product but not too much, and it ever-so-lightly dusts any of the excess off your face. Can you tell I'm obsessed? I use this brush every single time I do my makeup, and if I don't have it, I'm bound to have a bad makeup day.


False Eyelashes Applicator

As much as I love the look of falsies, I suck at putting them on. I usually won't even fuss with them because I know it's an extra 45 minutes added onto my getting ready time. Well... until I got this bad boy. It makes putting fake eyelashes on a breeze, because it helps you directly place fake eyelashes on your real lashes without tugging or pulling on them. It is also pretty gentle on the falsies, so if you splurge and wear your pairs a few times, this applicator won't ruin them.

Sephora Collection

The Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleanser

No one has the time to deep clean their brushes in between every use, but if you don't, you're putting old dirt and bacteria from the brush back onto your face. Gross. Luckily, daily brush sprays are here for those moments. I love this Sephora Collection one because it keeps my brushes feeling soft and dries quickly.

What are your favorite beauty tools? Are you a makeup lover, too? Tell us in the comments!