10 Things I Learned on TikTok That Changed My Life


You’ve probably already read enough firsthand accounts from people who were former-TikTok-deniers-turned-TikTok-lovers—and while I myself am one of those people, I’m not going to repeat that same old song and dance.

I am, however, going to tell you that TikTok is, for me, so much more than a place to watch and learn fun dances and to laugh at celebrity lip-syncs (though it is those things too). For me, it’s a place where I go to zone out for awhile while also learning some genuinely useful life skills and hacks. Here, I share just a few of the gifts TikTok has recently given to me (in a LOT of different areas of life)—that I am now passing on to you.


1. You can rock a layered collar look without having to wear all the actual bulky layers.


@acquired.style“Unfolded, a simpler way to create the collar trend” get yours on www.unfoldedshop.com / ig: unfolded___ #fashion #fashiontrends #style♬ Судно (Борис Рижий) – Molchat Doma

This video from @acquired.style literally changed my life (yes, the use of the word “literally” was necessary there). I looove the look of big preppy collars under oversized sweaters, cropped crewnecks, and even oversized tees. This tool (which is vaguely similar to what our moms would call a “dickie”) is the perfect way to spice up your 2020 wardrobe. The exact version worn in this video is sold out, but any cropped, tight, collared tank could work.


2. This simple stretch may ease a headache.


@bodyofyouthThis Stretch is AMAZING for Headaches. Try it out ! ##headache24 ##headacherelief ##neckstretches ##neckpainrelief ##neckpain ##headache ##headacheseveryday♬ Money Mouf – Tyga & Saweetie & YG

I get A LOT of headaches (as I’m sure you do too, as we spend our days reading scary headlines while hunched over in fear). This doctor of physical therapy, @bodyofyouth, shares tons of stretches, fitness ideas, and mobility tests—but this headache stretch is what initially stopped me in my tracks. This whole account is helpful, but this simple towel trick is my fave.


3. Any crossbody purse can become a backpack!!!!


@r_ibarraThis app teaching me more than school ever did 😲 #purse #fyp #backpack #foryou #viral #foryoupage♬ Its a BaCkPaCk – r_ibarra

I cannot explain HOW @r_ibarra makes this happen, but I do know that my life is forever improved.


4. Yes, you CAN take cool, Insta-worthy pics in nighttime lighting.

@bornuncreativeNighttime phone portraits with @davidsuh ! Please share/comment! #learnontiktok #phototips #phototricks #photo #iphone♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

We all know the annoyance of trying to get a cute outfit pic in the dark (and your impatient friends don’t help matters in the slightest). Pye Jirsa (known on TikTok as @bornuncreative) shares tons of iPhone photography tips (for any skill level) on their account, but this one’s my favorite (and I’m slyly sending it to my friends so they can start practicing for post-quarantine photo shoots). P.S. Even if you already knew the flash tip, keep watching!


5. This festive cocktail is my December dream come true.


@maddywaaralet me put y’all on something 🎄 (& yes i’m 21) peppermint baileys christmas cocktailssss 😍♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters

I’m all about a good peppermint mocha (and this year I heard I should try a peppermint latte?), but while we’re staying safe and staying home, I’m ready to turn my festivity up a notch with a holiday-inspired cocktail. This one from @maddywaara sounds so good!


6. And speaking of things to try at home, this “fancy oatmeal” sounds perfect for a slow morning.


@sad_papiReply to @wrestle4fun it was good tho #food #WorkingAtHome #foodtiktok #tiktokcooks #learnontiktok♬ Food Wars Opening – Amy B

I love some AM oatmeal, but I get tired of eating the exact same thing day after day. @sad_papi is a real-life-restaurant-worker-turned-TikTok-star who shares recipes you’re going to want to make at home (then share all over your own social channels to brag). This recipe is a swoon-worthy creation that will make even an average WFH day feel special (plus, the videos are both funny and soothing).


7. The way this person curls their hair is absolutely mesmerizing and I need to step up my game.


@lillyvanbrooklyn#curlers #hairtok #hairstyle♬ NEWYORK – Simon Estrella

I’ve been in a major hair rut lately (Can you blame me? We’re quarantining!)—but @lillyvanbrooklyn‘s hair has given me new motivation to take care of my hair and style it with love. Not only am I buying rollers immediately, but I’m also going to take this video to my stylist as color inspo as soon as is humanly possible. 


8. This iPhone trick is so good (and funny) you have to just watch the video yourself.



@kaansanityWhat are y’all gonna make it say? 🤨 #iphonetrick #iphonetricks #iphonetips #fyp♬ original sound – aakaanksh

Thank you, @kaansanity! (If you don’t find this amusing, we clearly do not share the same sense of humor.)


9. I’m not alone in my WFH struggles.


@thiswellplannedlifeWorking from home Then vs Now #wfh #workingfromhome #workathome #homeoffice #athome #work♬ original sound – Thiswellplannedlife

Sometimes, the best part of TikTok is the relatability. It’s so fun to feel like I am experiencing the pandemic with others around the world (even in a small, virtual way). This video from @thiswellplannedlife is SO. ME.


10. I have sexual fantasies that are deeply specific… but also relatable?


@willparfitt#harrypotter 🧙‍♂️♬ original sound – hoopsnation

I’m not sure how the TikTok algorithm works so well as to know exactly what I will find sexually and/or romantically appealing, but I’m certainly not alone in my realization that TikTok knows my libido better than I do (a super interesting article in Repeller spoke about this in a different, more serious context). My For You Page (aka FYP, aka the place you accidentally scroll for 10 hours) is constantly serving me with content from users I find incredibly attractive (and they’re usually doing something very niche and/or random—see the video above). Grandma, if you’re reading this, don’t watch this video (or do—and you’re welcome!). @willparfitt, you are a wonderful person.


What are your own favorite TikTok hacks and life tips?