50+ Valentine’s Day Gifts to Spread Some Love This Year

I’m a pretty positive person overall, and I almost rarely write off someone for one thing. Heck, my best friend hates the one thing I love in this world (the Jonas Brothers), and I still allow her in my presence. But there’s one type of person that I just know I won’t jive with. They irritate me to no end, and I have very little room in my life for them. And that, my friends, is the kind of person who hates Valentine’s Day. 

Y’all, I have been single for every single Valentine’s Day of my entire life, but it surely hasn’t stopped me from putting together a snazzy pink and red outfit, making cards for my best friends, putting hearts on every single thing, and making enough treats to put a small army in a sugar coma. It’s like Halloween in which it’s a holiday strictly about ~vibes~, and I refuse to deal with the joy suckers of the world who’ve decided that love is only meant to be between a couple and can’t enjoy it.

Nonetheless, as you can see, I take V-Day very seriously. I love gifting the people in my life (as well as myself) with something special every year, whether it’s a sweet card, a new beauty product they’ll love, a fun activity (see #2!), or something sexy just for me. No matter who you’re buying for, we gathered a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to give regardless of your budget. Time to spread a little more love! 


For girlfriends, best friends, coworkers, and yourself: 


Audio Erotica Subscription

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Bliss Plush Throw

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Mini Heart Waffle Maker

2 colors available


Mesh Ruffle Cheeky Underwear

2 colors available

Talia Hibbert

Take a Hint, Dani Brown

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Etsy | Valiant Daughter Co

Body Positive Shirt


Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

8 colors available


Tie Dye Bike Short

4 colors available

The Everygirl Planner X The Daily Edit

Frosted Wirebound Planner

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Etsy | Melaku Aromatherapy

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Etsy | Mellow Of My Heart

Nordic Style Flower Hand Vase

Farmgirl Flowers

XO Bouquet

Etsy | Lalu's Roots N Conjure

Self Love Bath Salts

Etsy | Cool Girl Candles

Best Friends Duo Candle


Instant Film Camera

2 colors available



For the guys in your life: