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What You Actually Should Be Cleaning in Your Home Every Week

written by KEELY GEIST
Source: @francois_et_moi
Source: @francois_et_moi

It’s easy to get caught up in your busy schedule and let things like cleaning fall by the wayside. You’re running around trying to juggle work, maintain relationships, have a social life, work out, run errands, give back to your community, and before you know it, you walk into your bathroom and… whoa. You wonder how it could possibly have gotten this dirty. When was the last time you cleaned this place anyway? 

If you’re not a naturally tidy person, knowing what, where, and when to clean can be overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that cleaning isn’t the most fun way to spend your time. But, like it or not, it’s still necessary. That’s why a weekly cleaning checklist can really come in handy. With a plan for what you actually need to clean on a weekly basis, you’re more likely to stay on top of the chores and less likely to walk into your bathroom and want to hide in embarrassment. 

Girl, you work hard for that roof over your head. It’s important to have a sense of pride when you walk into it at the end of each day. Plus, it’s always nice to have your place ready for when guests come over and not have to scramble to wipe down the kitchen as they’re walking in. Even if you feel like your life is all over the place, keeping your space tidy is one thing you can control to make you feel like you have it all together.

Today, we’re breaking down everything you should be cleaning in your home each week. Depending on your schedule, you can choose to do one room each day of the week or knock out the entire weekly cleaning checklist on a Sunday morning. Happy cleaning!



In Your Bedroom



You should be washing your bed sheets more often than you might think. Even if you don’t realize it, you sweat every night in your sleep, and your sheets are soaking it up! And if you’re a morning shower person, then you’re most likely bringing dirt from the day into bed with you at night. Plus, if you allow your pet to sleep with you, who knows what they’re bringing into your bed! Nobody wants to sleep in their own sweat, body oils, dirt, and whatever else is in there. Add washing your sheets to your weekly cleaning schedule and I promise you’ll sleep better at night.



Bedroom floors can gather dust and other debris very quickly, and especially if you have hard-surface flooring, it’s super noticeable. Make sure to sweep, vacuum, and/or mop them every week to prevent dust from building up. And if you have carpet, vacuuming often will prevent your bedroom carpet from looking dirty and discolored. Don’t forget under the bed and in the corners!


Hard Surfaces

Once again, dust can build up quickly, especially on hard, flat surfaces. To clean it before it becomes noticeable, grab a microfiber duster and go over all your surfaces, including dressers, nightstands, desks, and ceiling fans.


In the Bathroom

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Towels and bath mats

If you’re not washing your towels every few uses, you should at least wash them once a week. Towels and bath mats may seem harmless, but they can actually be secretly really dirty. When you use your towel to dry off, it can still collect leftover dirt. And especially when they’re damp, bacteria can thrive on the towels and continue to multiply (ew!). Keep track of how often you’re washing these.



Bathrooms, overall, are just dirty places. Who knows what kind of germs and bacteria are living in there? That’s why it’s best to give the floor a good mopping every week. Start by sweeping up all the dirt and dust. Then, using a store-bought floor cleaner or a homemade mixture, wet the floor to disinfect and use a mop or a cloth to clean. If you want an extra shine to it, use a towel to dry the surface.



A dirty mirror is a sure sign of a dirty bathroom. No one is immune from splashing water on the mirror while brushing their teeth or washing their face. Use a window or glass cleaner to wipe this down every week to remove noticeable grime and dust.


Sink and tub

You don’t have to deep-clean these areas every week, but wiping them down with a cleaner or disinfecting wipes once a week is a good idea. Aim to remove any visible residue or dust in both the tub and sink. That way, it won’t be as bad when the time does come to give them a deep and thorough cleaning.



Do I even have to explain how important is it to clean the toilet often? You’re going to want to use a toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of stains and water rings and kill any bacteria. Then use a standard bathroom surface cleaner or cleaning wipe for the seat, lip, and on top of the tank.


In the Kitchen



Just like the other areas of the home, the floors need to be cleaned here, too. Food crumbs and liquid splatters can easily collect on the floor every day. You don’t want to attract bugs into your space, so keep it clean!


Countertops, cabinets, and appliances

Though you should be wiping down your counters every day, giving them another thorough clean along with the cabinets and appliances never hurts. It’s important to keep these areas clean because they are usually the first things people notice when they walk into the kitchen. Plus, nobody wants to cook or eat in a dirty kitchen!



Even if you’re careful about covering your food before heating it up, the inside of the microwave always seems to get dirty so fast. Give it a good wipe down once a week, and if the plate inside is removable, wash that as well.



At one time or another, we’ve all been guilty of finding half-rotten produce at the back of the fridge that we swore we were going to eat but forgot about. Not only is this just gross, but it can stink up your fridge. Once a week, go through the food in your refrigerator and pitch anything that is no longer good or you don’t plan on eating. Make sure to check expiration dates as you go!



Studies have found that the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest spots in the whole house. To prevent bacteria from building up, make sure to properly clean it once a week. First, wipe down the sides and bottom with dish soap and hot water. Then, go in with a disinfectant (such as diluted bleach or another kitchen cleaner) to sanitize. Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward!


In Your Living Areas



OK, you get the pattern by now. Clean your floors, people! It’s gross when you’re walking barefoot in someone’s home and things are sticking to the bottom of your feet. This is the space guests most often hang out, so make it a comfortable and clean space that they want to be in. Also, you may not always notice the dust ball in the corner, but it’ll probably be the first thing your guests see!


Hard Surfaces

Once again, take a duster and wipe down any hard surfaces where dust builds up. If you have a glass coffee table or side table, make sure you’re using the proper cleaner on those surfaces as well. And don’t forget those pesky window ledges!



When light shines through a window, the dirt is so noticeable, especially if your space has a lot of big windows. Remove the dust that builds up with a window or glass cleaner. Cleaning these off will make your apartment feel so much brighter!


Fluff and rotate cushions

Fluffing and rotating your cushions keeps one side from wearing down and allows the couch to look new for longer. Especially if you Netflix and chill a lot, it’s a nice way to keep the couch looking fresh and comfy. Also, flip and turn the pillows if their shape allows. If you have an upholstered couch, you can go ahead and give it a quick vacuum, too.