Not Good in the Kitchen? Here Are 15 Easy (But Delicious) Dishes to Bring to Thanksgiving

Not everyone can whip up a multi-course Thanksgiving dinner like they’re Ina Garten, and that’s totally OK. But if you’re still hoping to contribute to a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving table, you might be on the hunt for something good enough to sufficiently impress your family and friends while also being easy enough that you can totally manage it. Never fear, those recipes are absolutely out there — you just have to know where to look. And even if you have a bit of a ~ahem~ reputation for being less than great in the kitchen, these delish recipes will make people change their tune. You never know, you might end up with a request to make your dish a new annual tradition.


1. Cranberry Brie Pull Apart Bread


2. Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball


3. Parmesan Herb Pretzel Nibblers


4. Honey Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Source: Isabel Eats


5. Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes


6. Rosemary Cranberry Sauce with Orange

Source: 40 Aprons


7. Spicy Garlic Green Beans


8. Thanksgiving Sangria


9. Sesame Garlic Roasted Asparagus


10. Green Salad with Apples, Cranberries, and Pepitas


11. Loaded Sweet Potatoes


12. Apple Crisp


13. Sweet and Smoky Mixed Holiday Nuts


14. Roasted Carrots


15. Mulled Wine