I’ve Tried Over 100 YouTube Beauty Tricks—These Are the Ones I Still Use

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Like any good millennial, I have become rather dependent on the Internet to get through life. It’s hard to imagine a world before the convenience of Uber or Venmo, and I can’t tell you the relief I feel knowing that someone will actually deliver Taco Bell rather than me having to shamefully drag myself up to one after a long Saturday night out with just a few clicks and scrolls through my iPhone. 

One of the more positive (and less embarrassing) benefits of being Internet-addicted is how knowledgeable it’s made me about all things beauty. Want to learn how to nail an ombre eyebrow? There are at least 100 YouTube tutorials for that. Just bought a new eyeshadow palette and need some inspiration? Pinterest has got you covered. 

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In my quest to be an internet-tutored professional makeup artist, I have tried over 100 tips and tricks, and while some weren’t so successful (has plastering green concealer over an enraged pimple ever really worked for anyone?), some have become so second nature to how I apply makeup and care for my skin that I almost forgot I haven’t always been using them. Here are my absolute favorite makeup secrets:


1. “Bake” your under-eye concealer  

I struggled forever to find a concealer that didn’t cake and crease under my eyes. Every formula I’ve tried was either too drying or didn’t provide enough coverage, and because I have oily skin, I always avoided a “hydrating” or creamy concealer. That changed once I saw one of my favorite beauty bloggers “baking” her cult-favorite NARS Creamy Concealer by setting it with a thick layer of translucent powder, allowing it to sit for several minutes and brushing away the excess to reveal a bright and perfectly even under-eye. Not only do my dark circles stay hidden all day, there’s not a crease or dry spot in sight. 




2. Brown mascara on your lower lashes 

This tip comes straight from the man who has made Kim Kardashian’s face a cultural phenomenon for the last decade: Mario Dedivanovic. Mario casually mentioned this brilliant tip on one of his Instagram stories, and I’ve not done a single day’s makeup without it since. I was definitely sporting the dreaded spider lashes for years trying to create the depth that lower lash mascara gave my eyes, but by simply switching to a brown mascara, not only do my eyes look brighter and wider and less like fuzzy spider legs, my black mascara on top looks even more dramatic and full. 





3. Setting spray on your brushes and sponges 

This trick unlocked so much of my makeup’s potential that I had been wasting. While watching a YouTube tutorial on flawless foundation application, I noticed this particular influencer was spraying her BeautyBlender with MAC Prep + Play Fix+ Finishing Mist before moving her foundation around on her skin. Using setting spray instead of dampening your tools with water provides the perfect barrier between your brushes and sponges and your makeup, allowing for a more even application of foundation and brighter application of eyeshadow and highlighter with minimal product waste.  



4. Add a facial oil to your foundation 

This tip not only benefits dry and combination skin but is actually insanely helpful for balancing oil production in oilier skin types as well. Start with a hydrating medium-to-full coverage foundation,  and add one or two drops of argan or squalane oil before thoroughly mixing in your palm. Once your foundation is warm and mixed with your oil of choice, continue to apply with your MAC Fix+ soaked BeautyBlender. No need for an Instagram filter now.




5. Keep a few products in the refrigerator 

The same way that a long drink of water feels amazing first thing in the morning, your skin is also thirsty upon waking. Keeping a hyaluronic-dense moisturizer or serum in the refrigerator is the perfect way to perk up a tired complexion and is even better to layer on before hopping in the shower. I like to use a gel consistency — Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto Replenisher is my current favorite — before my morning shower, because the steam opens my pores and allows the product to penetrate deeper, and my skin is instantly plump and glowing. 





6. Press your skincare 

When my obsession with Korean skincare first began, one of the very first things I noticed about the method of applying products was how they pressed their skincare into their faces rather than rubbing it around. You cannot rub your skin gently enough without still pulling and tugging on some of the more gentle areas around your eyes, temples, and lips. When you apply your toners, essences, serums, and creams to your skin, be sure to use your fingertips and palms to press the products into your face. This will allow products to penetrate the deeper layers of skin much easier than they would be smeared around on the top layer. 









This post was in partnership with Nordstrom, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.