10 Brand New Skincare Products We Can’t Wait to Try

glowing, beautiful skin is in your future

Spring has officially begun its teasing and taunting of us with promises of warmer weather, longer days, and a break from having to hear the ridiculous word “nor’easter” being used constantly in news cycles. While we’re still probably up against a few more cold snaps before we can pull our sundresses and sandals out from their winter hibernation, it’s definitely not too early to get excited about the incoming fresh start of spring.

If you’re needing a little inspo to kickstart the process of spring cleaning, we’re about to give you the ultimate rundown of brand new skincare launches and what’ll be popping up in stores soon. So clear out some space in those drawers and medicine cabinets, ladies — you’re gonna need it!

Mineral Light Mattifying Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

Daily sun protection is non-negotiable, but for those who tend to be oily and acne-prone, finding the right formulation of a physical sunscreen can be a nightmare. Everyone’s favorite French drugstore brand Avène knew this struggle and decided to completely obliterate it. This 100% mineral UVA/UVB blocking formula is designed to protect and mattify the skin while also delivering free-radical-fighting Vitamin E and redness-reducing Zinc Gluconate. Now you really don’t have an excuse to skip out on SPF.

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Drunk Elephant
C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream

Technically we already have our hands on this product — C-Tango was on its way to us within minutes of launching at Sephora earlier this month, and we can vouch for how incredible it is and how badly you need it. Skincare BFFs Vitamin C and peptides come together in this super rich yet impossibly fast-absorbing eye cream that layers flawlessly under makeup, resulting in wide awake eyes that stay hydrated all day long.

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Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

Tatcha knows that the cult following around their now infamous Luminous Dewy Skin Mist isn’t dying down anytime soon, so they’re expanding on the brand’s cornerstone product with a new way to get a healthy dose of this incredible formula. Each of these sheet masks soaks skin in 20 ml of serum, a combination of hydrating fatty acids like rice germ oil and youth-preserving Japanese ingredients like green tea and algae.

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Micellar Cleansing Water

You probably don’t even remember micelles from that required chemistry class in high school, and now suddenly you can’t walk down an aisle at CVS without being bombarded by their presence. Skyn Iceland knows that whether you’re super dry, super oily, super acne-prone, or just super normal, micelles will benefit your skin; they created a one-stop-shop, no-rinse micellar water cleanser that will definitely take up permanent residence in your routine.

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Omega Hydrating Oil

If you happen to like any major celebrity’s face, chances are Dr. Harold Lancer has had something to do with it. The A-List dermatologist started selling the skincare he used in his practice publicly after Oprah told him to, so take from that information what you will. Lancer Omega Hydrating Oil has a unique approach — combining fermented ingredients that act as antioxidants along with redness-fighting and pore-minimizing turmeric and a chlorophyllin-copper complex into a paper thin oil. Thanks, Oprah.

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Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask

Skincare ain’t cheap — let’s just be real. For all the money that you layer on to your face at night, you want to make sure that your products are reaching their full potential, right? Sleeping masks are an essential step in Korean methods, and brands in the US are finally coming up with their own overnight treatments, none more exciting than the most recent launch from Kiehl’s. Hibiscus isn’t utilized nearly enough in skincare despite its antioxidant properties — it’s a sure bet to rev up the products you’ve already been using.

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Sunday Riley
The Influencer Clean Longwear Foundation

While this one isn’t *technically* a skincare product, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the ingredient list. Sunday Riley’s meteoric rise from startup to cult status was nothing short of incredible, and the brand’s decision to venture into makeup is definitely an interesting move — these two worlds rarely collide in an effective way. Sunday Riley brings their botanical focus into a medium-to-full-coverage buildable foundation that will cover the problems you hope to conceal (redness, visible pores, fine lines, etc.) while also treating them.

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James Read
H2O Tan Drops

We’re still a long way away from poolside lounging and summer getaways, but nothing says we can’t fake it until then. James Read ushers in a faux summer glow with a super hydrating hyaluronic acid packed serum that also happens to contain gradual self tanner — just add a couple drops into a regular product of your choice and watch as summer shows up... on your face at least.

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/skin regimen/
Microalgae Essence

When the hair care powerhouse Davines announced they were stepping into the skincare realm, we expected that they would keep with the brand’s dedication to environmental integrity and cutting edge formulations — and they definitely delivered. /skin regimen/ features skincare’s latest obsession, microalgae, in the essence step of its fully formed routine. The marine-derived ingredient is packed with a slew of vitamins essential to healthy and glowing skin, and this super lightweight essence lotion is the perfect way to deliver it.

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Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

Having launched just last month, REN Ready Steady Glow already has, no pun intended, glowing online reviews. Daily acid exfoliation can be a real game changer for those with acne prone, textured, uneven, and dull skin, but getting into the practice of it isn’t always an easy thing to do — AHA dense formulas can be really irritating and sensitizing. If you’re interested in acid exfoliation but are hesitant that your skin might be too sensitive for it, the lactic acid in the REN formula is an excellent first step.

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What skincare products are you excited to buy this season?