10 Easy Hairstyles for the Beach


‘Tis the season for getting our hair out of our face and off the neck, and the beach is the first place we think of when it comes to where we want to spend a bulk of our time this summer.

The last place we want to be? Stuck in front of a mirror trying to make our hair behave, which is why we’ve rounded up the easiest, beach-worthy ‘dos to keep you cool and looking just as stylish as that new romper you’ll be sporting.

1. The Double Bun

Source: Andrea Clare

Why have one bun, when you can have two? This “aha” style proves you don’t have to be complicated to think outside the box.

2. Low Braided Bun

Source: Treasures & Travels

A side braid that wraps around a low bun with an unfinished end is part messy, part styled, all parts awesome. Flowers optional, but suggested. See here for the full tutorial.

3. Scarfed

Source: Brit + Co.

For the perfect pop of color and some Cinderella chic, the step-by-step is over here.

4. High Curl with Bangs

Source: Natural Hair Mag

Proof that curly bangs are 100% doable. Watch how to style this in under five minutes by viewing the tutorial here.

5. Messy Twisted Bun

Source: Trend2Wear

With a twist and a tease, you’re ready for the beach. Find all eight (easy) steps for this right here.

6. Twisted Side Pony

Source: Goldfish Kiss

For a little something extra (especially with post destination wedding hair), this is a great way to amp up the classic ponytail. Get the steps here.

7. Half-up Braided Boho Bun

Source: Kassinka

Whether you have mermaid locks or not, we like that this serves as a push to mix up your style—why wear just a top knot or braid or bun, when you can wear all three at once? Full tutorial here.

8. Quad Braid

Source: FP Bldg 25

Great for adding volume to shorter hair, simply section your hair into four French braids, then gather together in one large pony. See here for more details.

9. Side Swoop Braid

Source: Treasures & Travels

This is one of those you think you know how to do, until you try to do it and your hair turns into a tangled mess. So here’s a quick refresher on the right way to get a braided mane.

10. Twisted Doughnut Bun

Source: Join the Mood

A subtle way to elevate a classic, it’s kind of brilliant how simple this is. See for yourself here.


What are your go-to summer hairstyles?