10 Plus-Size Bloggers You’ll Want to Follow on Instagram RN


Finding clothes as a plus sized woman can be hard for a lot of reasons. You can pretty much only shop online, there are not always the best options, and most of the models look pretty much nothing like you. Is it so hard to know what clothes are going to look the best on me?!

That’s where the plus size Instagram and blogging community comes in. Seeing women who look like you styling and wearing clothes that we too can purchase? Yes, please. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bloggers and Instagrammers to follow, like, and love.


1. Lauren Nicole

Source: @laurennicolefk

Lauren is a plus size Instagrammer and model, and boy, is her style killer. She goes out of the box and wears clothes you’d only usually see on 5’11″, size 2 models. Her looks push me to try new styles, such as this gorgeous red on red number.


2. Jessica Torres

Source: @thisisjessicatorres

Co-host of the Fat Girls Club podcast and the ThisIsJessicaTorres YouTube channel, Jessica is really doing it for plus size ladies out there. She’s not afraid to post all the bikini selfies (in the cutest suits possible), and her confidence is just out of this world. Look to Jessica for all the vacay inspo.


3. The Smiling Sweetheart

Source: @thesmilingsweetheart

Mona’s style is so effortless chic, and if you’ve spoken to me before, you know that’s just about my favorite style. She pairs gorgeous neutrals with amazing denim, and I’m so here for it. Also, her blog is heavenly. A true feast for your eyes, design lovers!


4. Molly Clutts

Source: @mollyclutts

Molly’s feminine style and love for all things floral really gives me all the vibes. For a long time, I told myself I couldn’t wear fun patterns as a plus sized woman because it would draw “too much attention to my body.” Molly’s here to say “yeah, um, no” to that myth.


5. Stefani Nicole

Source: @hellostefaninicole

Stefani’s bio says she’s your virtual BFF, and boy, is she right. From having the most entertaining stories to really showing you her life (of course, in a curated, eye pleasing feed), Stefani makes me want to be IRL BFF!!


6. Chloe in Curve

Source: @chloeincurve_

You can tell Chloe Elliott is a stylist (and awarded Fashion Influencer of the Year in 2018!) because her style is always on point. She looks fierce in literally everything she puts on her body, and I like to think it has a lot to do with her confidence. Following women with confidence in their bodies is exactly what I’m talkin’ about when I say to find positive sources of inspiration. Chloe is one of those positive sources.


7. Rae Everyday

Source: @raeannlangas

I’m here for any woman who describes herself as body positive, but you can tell Raeann Langas actually means it. She’s a blogger and Curve model, and her fashion sense is IMPECCABLE. The moment I started following Rae, my fashion game went up at least five notches. Oh, and she posts about her dog, Angus, so there’s that.


8. Hayet Rida

Source: @hayet.rida

Hayet is one of my fave Chicago babes to follow. From her amazing weekend looks (I mean, can we talk about this lingerie? QUEEN) to the best workwear, she makes plus size fashion look beyond easy. I’m also obsessed with her blog where she talks about fashion, body confidence, beauty, travel, and everything else, which is good, because I’ll read literally anything she writes.


9. Alex Michael May

Source: @alexmichaelmay

I’m not gonna lie, I take a good chunk of my fashion inspo straight from Alex. She was one of the first ladies I started watching on IGTV, and now I can’t get enough. While her style is absolutely amazing, her personality is even better. Alex isn’t afraid of bright colors, bold prints, and totally going against all the fashion rules plus sized women are told constantly. I’m obsessed.


10. Caralyn Mirand Koch

Source: @caralynmirand

Caralyn is so gorgeous. I just feel like everyone should know that. She’s a model, blogger, and she posts about her dog. What more could you ask for? She’s a newlywed, so she posted all about what it was like finding a plus size wedding dress (the struggle is real!).


What bloggers do you love following on Instagram?!