6 Ways To Style Your Over-the-Knee Boots

written by JOSIE SANTI
Source: Aïda Badji Sané
Source: Aïda Badji Sané

Fall is officially here, which means it’s time to dust off your favorite boots and bring them back into your wardrobe (or, if you’re like me, wear them every single day). Our favorite, timeless pair to dust off and throw on? Our trusty over-the-knee boots.

There’s nothing an over-the-knee boot can’t style up and make a bit more chic, and while boot trends come and go, there’s a reason they remain a closet staple (and it’s not a reason you have to look very hard to see).

Want to have an arsenal of ways to wear your over-the-knee boots this fall? These six looks will deliver, every single time.


1. With a sweater vest and white button-up

Take inspiration from the hottest knits of 2021 and pair your OTK boots with a sweater vest and button-up. The look has a touch of prep incorporated, but is a classic, wearable look.


2. With a sweatshirt dress

For a look that’s endlessly casual-cool, pair heeled, over-the-knee boots with a sweatshirt dress. Not only will you be ultra-cozy, but you’ll nail the celeb-off-duty weekend look that is a win every time.


3. With a midi skirt

For a go-to look for every party you might have coming up for the chillier seasons, a pleated maxi skirt, sweater, and your OTKs is a slam dunk. It’s elegant, versatile, and can be worn to countless occasions.


4. With a sweater and skinny jeans

For a casual day out, a classic combo of skinny jeans, a cardigan, and your OTKs is something you can always turn to. If it’s extra chilly, top it off with your favorite wool coat for an added layer that’ll bring even more chicness to the look.


5. With a flowy dress

We all have our favorite dresses, but when the temperature starts to drop it’s hard to feel festive with that much leg showing. Thigh-high boots are the best way to keep your look chic and weather appropriate. Plus, it keeps you from having the debate about if tights really go with your look.


6. With all black

All-black looks are nothing new, but if you couldn’t already tell, monochrome always looks trendy. Get extra style points for layering different textures of black together to ensure your look is still dimensional.