11 Carry-Alls for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a change of clothes, a laptop, work documents, notebooks, magazines, camera, winter boots, or all of the above, fitting all your essentials in one bag is a seemingly impossible feat. But not to worry, there’s hope in sight. (Bag ladies, rejoice!) Below, we’ve rounded up 11 carry-all bags that will surely suit your fancy.


1. The Cheeky Gym Bag 

Sometimes the thought of heading to the gym after a long day of work can make you cranky, but not with this hilarious gym bag from from! (Isn’t pizza always the best motivation?)

2. The Bottomless Leather Tote 

The best ever leather carryall, this roomy tote bag not only looks fabulous, but it holds all of your essentials. We love that it’s polished enough for work, too!

3. The Classic Straw Bag 

Every woman needs a classic straw bag in her arsenal. We love this big roomy version from Etsy shop, Loom and Field—it will take you everywhere from a quick overnight trip, to the farmer’s market, to the beach. (The latter being wishful thinking for us here in the Midwest. But hey, a girl’s got to have something to look forward to!)

4. The Mary Poppins Bag 

Lo & Sons‘ Catalina overnight bag is simply unstoppable. You could fit an entire 10-day Europe trip in this deceivingly gigantic tote. Mary Poppins would have serious envy.

5. The Geometric Tote 

We love Zara‘s modern twist on the classic shopper bag with it’s clean, geometric lines and knotted handle detailing. It’s a serious statement piece, for a seriously low price.

6. The Minimal Weekender 

Everlane makes several fantastic yet simple bags that are both fashionable and functional, and we love this minimal grey weekender in particular. Plus, its gender-neutral design means your guy won’t be embarrassed to carry your luggage. (He might even ask to borrow it!)

7. The Timeless Canvas Shopper 

Another wardrobe must-have is the canvas tote. This two-toned version from Etsy store Metaphor is a design that will withstand the test of time. Not to mention, it fits a ton of stuff!

8. The Beach Vacation Go-To 

Pom poms and straw are a match made in heaven when it comes to the ideal beach tote. This one fits the bill, and can fit also several towels, a collection of sunblock, a major stack of magazines, and probably even a picnic lunch for five.

9. The Vegan Leather Tote 

This budget-friendly, green tote is a great non-leather option that doesn’t sacrifice style! The sleek design makes it perfect for work and the color is excellent for hiding things like, you know, subway grime that inevitably always comes with commuting.

10. The Monogrammed Weekender 

Headed out of town for the weekend? Make a sophisticated statement with this monogrammed weekender. Classic prep is always sure to please!


11. The roomy, 2-in-1 work bag 

We like to call this 2-in-1 bag from J.Crew the Goldilocks of handbags. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just right. It’s super roomy without being overwhelming and it snaps at the sides to take a different shopper shape! Plus, they typically come out with colorful versions (as pictured above!) for spring!

Do you have a favorite carry-all bag?