24 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings


I’ll just say it: I’m a little sick of looking at the exact same engagement rings. Different fingers, same halos. I’m not trying to criticize these beautiful rings. Heck, I’m the friend who will ask to try it on when I see you and eagerly show your Instagram photos to all my other yet-to-be-engaged friends.

But what about the understated or quirky bride that can’t find the perfect ring at her local jeweler? Or maybe the princess-cut just doesn’t do it for you and you love the simplicity of a classic band or dainty colored stone. I’ve scoured the web for non-traditional picks in a range of prices so you can get inspired to find the piece that’s uniquely “you.”


1. Eternity Kite Ring, $725

2.White Diamond Sapphire Ring, pricing upon request

3. Oregon Sunstone and Sapphire Crescent, pricing upon request

4. Gold and Diamond Saturn Ring, $985

5. The Briar Rose, $2,500

6. White Gold Forever Bar, pricing upon request

7. Five Dot Yellow Gold Ring, $850

8. Heidi Gibson Art Deco Ring, $2,600

9. Zoe Teardrop Ring, $540

10. Pavé Ring, $825

11. Emerald Stone Ring, $450

12. Mixed Cut Diamond and Tourmaline Cluster Ring, pricing upon request

13. Oval Gatsby Petite, $2,100

14. Peach Sapphire Ring, pricing upon request

15. Starburst Pearl RIng, $1,400

16. Eternity Bateau Ring, $3,000

17. Pink Tourmaline Ring, $1,450

18. Turquoise Eternity Band, price upon request

19. Diamond Trio Ring, $249

20. White Sapphire Ring, $635

21. Teep Ring, $540

22. Oscura Band, $1,050

23. Diamond Light Ring, $475

24. Love Ring, $1,070

Would you wear one of these non-traditional engagement rings? Tell us in the comments below!