25 Affordable Vintage-Inspired Rugs

When you’re decorating a room it’s hard to know where to begin. Usually, that means deciding on the big pieces, but if you’re doing it on a budget (hi, me) that can mean months of saving between each purchase. It’s easy to get discouraged and wonder if your home will ever feel finished.

One of the most difficult purchases? A rug. Invariably, the one you need in the room (yes, it’s probably the largest size) is not the one you can afford right now… especially if you want your room to have a vintage look. But can I let you in on a little secret? There are tons of affordable options on Overstock, Wayfair, and Joss and Main inspired by vintage wares.

I wanted a distressed, vintage rug for my bedroom but could never seem to find one that fit my budget. I just wasn’t okay spending a ton of money when 70% of it would be underneath the bed and out of sight. I spent hours perusing, found an option for $200 and can say that a year later, I’m still ecstatic with my purchase. The rug pulled the room together, gave me the motivation to keep decorating, and I don’t feel faint if the dogs track mud on it. Win. Below, I’ve rounded up 25 rugs that will help you get the vintage look for less, as well as some of my tips for shopping online.


Our Tips for Buying Rugs Online


Analyze your inspiration.

What is it that you like about the photo? Is it the rug or is it everything in the room? Does your space even look like that? I had lots of inspiration for our bedroom saved, but upon closer inspection, I noticed none of the photos had wood furniture (which is what we own). If you’re truly trying to emulate your inspiration, look for a photo that has the same elements as the one in your room. I ended up finding a room on Amber Interior’s Instagram that had similar elements to our room and it helped me visualize what rug I wanted in our space.


Measure. And then measure again.

Always measure to make sure a rug the right size. DO NOT GUESS. If you’re a visual person like me, you can tape off the floor with painter’s tape or use newspaper to physically lay out the surface area of the rug.


Read the reviews.

…But take them with a grain of salt. I don’t need to remind you that people on the Internet are crazy. But sometimes you can find nuggets of wisdom in their online words. Look for reviews with concrete details, like “this rug is much more purple in person.” Check for similar comments across the board. I also love that people upload their personal photos to Overstock, so you can see it in an actual home for reference.


Check return policies.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it doesn’t work out. So I always check what the return policy is before purchasing. Shipping rugs (especially the larger sizes) is EXPENSIVE. And even if you got free shipping to your home, it doesn’t always guarantee that is the case when you return it. Check the policy and make sure that if you don’t like the rug, you won’t be slammed with an $80 UPS bill or a hefty restocking fee. Checking the return window is also helpful. If you cannot unroll the rug as soon as it arrives, make sure you know how long you have before it can be returned. Maybe your house is getting painted and you wait longer than 30 days to unroll it… there’s a chance you could be stuck with the rug whether you like it or not.


25 Affordable Vintage-Inspired Rugs

Source: Studio McGee