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4 Things Successful Women Do in Every Meeting


What feeling does the word “meeting” inspire in you? Maybe an annoyed eye roll or feelings of anxiety. Meetings are a necessary evil in the workplace, but let’s flip the script a little bit and use meetings an opportunity to show your coworkers and your boss that you’re ready to get stuff done like the boss babe you are. Here are four things that successful women do in every meeting:


They Come Prepared

One of the worst feelings in the world is hearing your boss say, “Where are we on this project?” and you have no idea what she’s talking about because you’re behind on your emails. Coming prepared is crucial to a productive (and hopefully quick!) meeting. If it’s a weekly meeting that you don’t need to prepare anything for, just take a quick skim 15 minutes before your meeting to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.


Source: chicbureau


They Engage in Active Listening

Meetings can easily tempt you to zone out and just chill while someone else is talking — resist the urge! Practice active listening by sitting up straight or taking notes to keep you from taking an open-eye cat nap, and remember to thank us when you get your next raise.


They Check Their Body Language

Body language makes up a huge majority of human communication, so successful women know how to use it to their advantage in a meeting. The next time you have to present a pitch in a meeting, practice your power posing for a better chance of getting your boss’s full support.


Source: JaLisa E. Vaughn


They Summarize the Meeting

At the end of every meeting, it’s always a good idea to give a quick executive summary of what everyone’s next steps are. Just a quick, “Great, so Jason will follow up with the vendor, Emily will connect with the client, and I’ll submit the paperwork” reminds everyone of their tasks and ends the meeting on a positive note.


What are your tips for a productive meeting?