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5 Alternatives for Hanging Art Without Frames


A crucial part of decorating your space involves adorning walls with art, memorabilia, and treasured photos. It’s a great way to insert your personality into the decorating process and really make the space feel like home. However, framing the many pieces needed to cover your home’s walls can be daunting for schedules and wallets. Luckily, there are many other ways to display art and photos in budget-friendly, beautiful ways. 

1. Washi Tape 

This amazing craft material originated in Japan and comes in all kinds of amazing colors and patterns. It’s very similar to masking tape so it’s gentle on your walls. 

Source: Bloomingville via Elle Maison

Source: Robbie Caponetto via Style Me Pretty 

2. Binder Clips

Ok, so the idea of hanging art with office supplies might not sound like the most attractive idea, but it can actually give your gallery wall a chic industrial look. Extremely affordable and easy to find—what could be better?

Source: Rikki Snyder via Style Me Pretty 

Source: Apartment Therapy

3. Clipboards 

Attaching clipboards to your wall makes it easy to swap out art and photographs, so you can constantly reinvent your space. A few above your desk or even an entire wall of them is sure to make a statement. 

Source: decor8

Source: Style Me Pretty 

4. Strings and Clips

This whimsical way to display art and photos not only gives your space a relaxed, bohemian vibe, but it’s extremely versatile. Use any combination of string and clips to compliment your home’s decor and voilà—a statement piece is created. 

Source: Fairy Lights and Fun 

Source: 6th Street Design School

5. Skirt Hangers

If you’ve finished spring cleaning, you most likely have a few empty skirt hangers just hanging around (pun!). So why not put them to good use? They are perfect for holding art and add a surprisingly sophisticated element to your walls. 

Source: deko.

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Feeling inspired? Been thinking about creating a gallery wall? All of these methods for hanging your art are affordable, simple, and look great. Happy decorating!