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5 Habits That Make You Stand Out at Work


As a successful professional who always meets her deadlines and never misses the opportunity to celebrate a coworker’s birthday (because cookies), it’s safe to say that you’re dedicated to your job. While your career doesn’t have to define your identity, it’s a detail that helps describe your life, and you’ve worked hard to be proud of yours.

In addition to accomplishing your everyday tasks, you’re probably trying to impress your boss and make your mark, (and we don’t blame you!). After all, every industry is competitive and the key to succeeding in yours is by not only finishing the assignments expected of you, but also by excelling in the ones that aren’t. With this being said, here are five habits that will help you hone in on your skills and stand out at work.


1. Being known for something specific

From your ability to fix any technological problem within seconds (and without using Google), to your extensive knowledge on social media trends, the traits you possess are unique and the way you incorporate them is what will make you indispensable.

If you can already list your relevant strength, remember to look for opportunities to utilize it at work. No worries if you’re not sure what your knack around the office is— keep an open mind and pay attention to what your coworkers come to you for. By being known as an expert on a specific topic, you’ll establish your role in the company and increase your confidence as a team player.


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2. Making connections outside of your team

To put it honestly, your talent in finishing the work in front of you is crucial, and so is your desire to make connections with those around you. Although you’ve already attempted to become a better coworker within your team, it’s also a great idea to become familiar with those outside of your department. Strike up a conversation with the receptionist before walking to your desk, invite someone from a different team to join you on a coffee run, and enjoy the feeling of knowing that your friendliness is appreciated and the friendships that come from it will be authentic.


3. Predicting when coworkers need help

Another smart way to bring attention to yourself is by helping someone else. Even though your job description might not include sharing information and facts to guide a coworker through his or her job, it’s nice to reach out when you believe you can help. Maybe you have a cheat sheet for filling out specific paperwork or maybe you simply know which printer to avoid at all times— regardless, your transparency to support your coworkers is how you’ll make their lives easier and your environment happier.



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4. Over-delivering on your tasks

While completing your work can keep you hired, your dedication to go above and beyond is what will get you noticed. Although we aren’t necessarily telling you to take on five new side projects and babysit your coworker’s dog on the weekends, it’s beneficial for you to provide more than what you’re asked.

From printing out a copy of your annual report for everyone at your next meeting to organizing the data you’ve compiled into crisp and labeled folders, the short amount of time it takes you to go the extra mile is what will create the lasting impression.


5. Showing a willingness to learn (more)

The only thing a company loves more than an employee who can do the work is one who can do the work and displays initiative of wanting to do more. In spite of being successful in your role, there’s always different skills and programs that you can master. Whether you’re volunteering for various opportunities within your team or sharing your latest lessons learned from a work-related seminar, your willingness to take initiative in enhancing your skill set will help improve you for your current job and strengthen you for your next.


What do you do to stand out in the work place?