6 Outfit Combinations to Wear to Work When It’s Hot Outside


When the weather is hot, the last thing we want to do is put on slacks and a blazer and succumb to heat stroke before the 11 a.m. budget meeting. So what’s a girl to do when she’s ready for fall but the weather says otherwise? Try these outfit combinations on days when you want your style to be hotter than the sun (without bursting into flames).


Collared Sleeveless + A-Line Skirt

Source: Olivia Jeanette

This is the ultimate “it’s too hot to even move, can someone please turn up the AC?” combo. A collar adds structure (read: professionalism), while an A-line skirt provides coverage without being too heavy. Slip on some mules and you’re ready to conquer the day!



Wide Leg Pants and Crisp Top

Source: @missejlouie

Wide leg pants are secretly the perfect summer staple, and a perfect “crap, it’s Monday again?!” remedy. Get all of the full coverage benefits with these pants that feel like shorts because of the loose fabric and stretchy material.



Blazer & Shorts

Source: The Teacher Diva

If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere with a casual dress code, consider pairing an oversized blazer with structured shorts. This look is effortlessly chic without being too stuffy, and kind of feels like wearing pajamas to work (my ultimate life goal).




Source: Stockholm Street Style

Jumpsuits are not only chic af, but they’ll actually keep you cool. The trick is to go with long pants and sophisticated colors. If it’s a sleeveless jumpsuit, pair with a blazer for when the office gets extra chilly. Is that a fabulous French fashion blogger who just waltzed in to the meeting? No girl, it’s you!



Linen Pants

Source: @caves_collect

Linen has always been a warm weather staple, and for good reason. The open weave allows for airflow, while the stiffness prevents that gross sweaty-sticky feeling that you get with other fabrics (looking at you, polyblends).



High-Neckline Dress

Source: Daily Mail

The challenge with dressing for work in the heat is balancing exposed skin with appropriate levels of coverage. Enter the one-piece portrait neckline dress! Your arms and legs are exposed, but the high neckline keeps this look work appropriate.