7 Books to Read When You’re Going Through a Breakup


We’ve all been there — if it’s not the waves of emotion that happen during the day, it’s the spiraling thoughts that keep us up throughout the night. Although there isn’t a universal solution to get over a breakup, there are many ways to handle them. While your post-breakup movie marathon is good for the soul, reading a book is another great option to feed your mind and ease your hurt. With this being said, here are seven books to read when you’re going through a breakup.

Ilene Beckman
Love, Loss, and What I Wore

Although you shouldn't judge someone on what they do, you can always remember specific moments in your life based on what you wear — or so Ilene Beckman believes. Love, Loss, and What I Wore follows Ilene through the trials of her life and the outfits that made them memorable. Presented in diary-like entries, this book shares her different experiences and shows us that we're all a little more similar than we think.

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Patricia Marx
Him, Her, Him Again, The End of Him

First loves hold a special place in our hearts — and Him, Her, Him Again, The End of Him expresses just how far some people go when they can't seem to forget that specific person. Written by comic writer Patricia Marx, this story follows a grad student through her years of infatuation with her first boyfriend and triggers the never-ending question of whether first loves are meant for second chances.

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Rachel A Sussman
The Breakup Bible: The Smart Woman's Guide to Healing From a Breakup or Divorce

As a psychotherapist and breakup expert, Rachel Sussman isn't here to comfort you after your breakup — because she's already made a three-phase process (healing, understanding, transformation) for you to heal from it. Based on hundreds of counseling sessions and broken down for you in one book, Rachel shows us that the end of a relationship with someone means the beginning of a better one with ourselves.

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Nancy Horan
Under the Wild and Starry Sky

Meet Fanny, a 35-year-old mother who decides to pursue her passion for art in Belgium — and begins a romance with a younger man who is as equally in love with her along the way. Heartfelt and hopeful, this New York Times Bestseller is a story that explores the compromises that come with falling in love and the beauty that happens when it's with the right person.

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Helen Fielding
Bridget Jones's Diary

Light on the heart and heavy on the humor, Bridget Jones's Diary is an all-too-familiar tale of a woman's attempt to improve herself through achieving goals — such as visiting the gym three times a week not just to buy a sandwich. While you may feel lost at the moment, this gem of a book is a gentle reminder that you're not alone in your fight to become the best version of yourself.

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Junot Díaz
This is How You Lose Her

Regardless of how good we are, it's love that gets the best of us. Best described as a collection of love stories, Junot Díaz welcomes us into the world of Yunior, the stubborn narrator who proves to us the power of feelings and the passion that stems from having them.

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Stephen King
Dolores Claiborne

Stephen King does it again in Dolores Claiborne — the story of a caregiver who falls under suspicion when one of her wealthiest patients passes away in her home. While the typical romance may seem far-fetched in this plot, the strength of one woman to survive and protect those she cares about is enough for us to feel empowered to face our own personal battles.

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What are your favorite ways to get over a break-up?