7 Hacks to Transition Your Wardrobe Into Spring


The long transition between winter to spring can be agonizing when the cold seems to drag on forever. After all, cold weather is fun until the holiday season is over, right? Snow turns to slush, Christmas decorations are boxed up until next year, and walking outside feels more brutal every day.

What makes it worse is that the transition can be agonizing for your wardrobe, as well. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of only winter clothes, with no spring in sight–what do you wear during those in-between days that aren’t warm enough for a dress, but not cold enough for a parka? Enter: these transition wardrobe hacks. Just because the weather may not feel like it, doesn’t mean spring isn’t here! Read on for how to tap into your spring wardrobe now:


1. Brighten up Your Outerwear

Source: Closetful of Clothes Source: @hayet.rida


Okay, so you may need to stick with the bulky sweaters and coats for a little while longer. But switching to a spring-friendly color palette makes the bulky outwear seem less outdated, and warm weather feel like it’s coming sooner. Ditch the blacks and grays for pastels and bright colors. For extra style points, wear your jacket over your shoulders (which is another transition hack in itself).



2. Try the Sweater + Skirt combo

Source: Closetful of Clothes Source: Sincerely Jules


The beginning of spring means it’s time to swap out your pants for an airy maxi or midi skirt. The sweater keeps you warm during the colder days, but paired with a pretty and feminine skirt instead of your same old pair of pants, you’ll look ready for spring.



3. Get Yourself Some Mules

Source: Fashion Tasty Source: The Viva Luxury


Ah, mules– the perfect transition shoe. Half bootie (hello, winter slush), and half stiletto (so close to warm summer evenings!), a pair of mules is your perfect heel for work or a night out, weather-appropriate while appearing dressier than your typical booties you wore too much in the winter. Say goodbye to snow boots!



4. Wear All Your White Clothing

Source: Hello Fashion Source: @gabifresh


I am the first one to reject the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day– after all, white sweaters go perfectly with winter staples! But there’s something about white accessories that feels so fresh and spring-y. A pair of white sneakers or a crisp white purse can make outfits in even the coldest temperatures feel like a spring ensemble. And an all-white ensemble will look like you’re totally ready for the new season (even if it is worn with a turtleneck).



5. Utilize Your OTK Boots

Source: Straight A Style Source: Stylecaster


You know those summer dresses and skirts you just can’t wait to pull out of the back of your closet after the long winter, but the weather is not quite as dress-ready as you are? No longer will you have to put your summer dresses on hold– pairing dresses and skirts with over the knee or riding boots is the perfect way to stay warm and look weather appropriate, while not having to wait any longer to pull out your favorite dresses (and no summer tan required!).



6. Wear Long Layers in Light Fabrics

Source: The Fashion Cuisine Source: Faux Pas


We may need to stay covered through the cold temperatures of early spring, but that doesn’t mean our clothes should be in winter material. Transition into lighter fabrics for long layers and pants. Swap your wool peacoat for a trench, your bulky sweater for a lighter knit, and your thick jeans for airier pants.



7. Trade in Your Wool Scarf for a Silk Handkerchief

Source: Song of Style Source: Gastro Chic


The Parisian staple had a recent revamp by your favorite celebrities and style stars– and the trend is not going anywhere. Toss a silk scarf or bandana over your go-to outfits, pair with a blazer or light jacket for the colder days, and you’ll be properly transitioned in no time (bonus: it will keep your neck warm on the cold days where a wool infinity scarf is just too last season).



How do you transition your wardrobe into spring? What’s your go-to style hacks for the in between months?