9 Games to Play When You’re Stuck Inside this Winter


There might not be Christmas music on the radio anymore, but baby, it’s still cold outside. We’re all for keeping our PJs on all day and staying inside while the outside world slowly freezes. We’re also all for interrupting your Netflix binges with these fun board and card games you can play with your friends! There’s nothing a like a good ole’ fashioned game night to beat the winter blues. Guaranteed laughs ahead. 

2-6 players
The Oregon Trail Card Game

Be honest — middle school you definitely named a character after your arch nemesis (looking at you Becky) and intentionally tried to give them dysentery. Now your favorite 90’s computer game is back in card game form! Collect supplies and slowly move your way across the Oregon Trail while trying to handle calamities, like a broken arm or bandits. Now that we think of it, sounds a lot like the real adult world.

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3-20 players
What Do You Meme

Card Against Humanity fans will be all over this game. Compete to create the next viral meme by combining hilarious captions with your favorite Internet meme images, Apple-to-Apples style. This game can get real raunchy real fast, so we recommend keeping this one away from kiddos and grandma.

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2-4 players

Ride the cinematic high from the new Jumanji movie and play “the game that pursues you.” Work your way through the jungle towards the center of the board, but watch out for every possible danger, from quicksand to rhinos. This game is great for getting those fuzzy nostalgic feelings about how utterly terrifying the OG Jumanji is. Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee this game won’t come to life in your apartment.

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2+ players

There are a bunch of mafia-style card games out there (The Resistance and Secret Hitler are other favorites), but we’re loving this one right now (mostly because the design is just gorgeous). “A party game for devious people,” Werewolf involves secret identities, special powers, and, of course, lying to your friends. With up to 35 players, this game is an awesome choice for a in-night with all your friends.

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3-6 players

This game is absolute chaos. It’s loud. It’s confusing. It’s so. Much. Fun. You and 3-6 of your closest friends are trading cards to repair a malfunctioning spaceship, except 92% of the words are gibberish, and you don’t have any of the cards that you need. Perfect for simultaneously building community and frustration.

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2-8 players

You know when you need your friend to read your mind and so you make intense eye contact with them and think your thoughts really loudly? That’s what most of this game is. You and your team are trying to figure out which 5 of the 25 words in front of you are your codewords by guessing words in the categories that your team leader provides you. But be careful — if you guess your opponent’s words, the whole mission is ruined!

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2-12 players

In this game, it’s all about strategy. It may be easy enough for any age family member...but that doesn't mean it's even remotely boring. The perfect combination of a card game and board game.

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3-4 players
Settlers of Catan

A classic game for those strategic thinkers out there. You’re all working to settle the island of Catan, but it’s every person for themselves out there. Prepare for broken friendships and long silences of rumination. The game board requires random set up each time you play, so there’s always another chance at victory after each round!

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5-10 players
The Voting Game

Got lots of friends in one space? Let’s judge them, together! The Voting Game offers lots of questions — “Which friend would show up to their high school reunion in a Lamborghini?” — that reveal the truth behind what y’all think of each other.

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