I Tried Every One of Abercrombie’s Shorts—These Were the Best

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Photo of woman wearing Abercrombie shorts
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

After a long, hard winter, there’s nothing quite like that first day where you can wear shorts and let your legs free again (and no, we don’t support any “I don’t like showing my legs” nonsense around here—wear the shorts!). It signifies that a new season really is here, and it’s always a bit of a relief to let jeans be put on the back burner for a bit. And after trying dozens of denim and linen shorts for summer, our team has proven to love Abercrombie’s above all others. 

Shorts have come a long way from the butt cheek-revealing days of yore, and Abercrombie’s 2023 selections prove that they can feel (and look!) just as polished and flattering as any pants you have in your closet. But when you actually go to add a pair to your cart and have to choose between mom shorts, dad shorts, or ’90s shorts, it can be hard to know which pair is what you’re looking for—but that’s where we come in.

I ordered every pair of shorts Abercrombie currently has available, tried them on, and broke each pair down for you, so you can find the ones you’ll love the most. (It didn’t hurt that I already owned and loved a few pairs—and soon, you’ll see why). Plus, right now, they’re all 20% off. It’s shorts season, baby, and we couldn’t be more ready for it.


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The Dad Shorts

These are by far my most-worn shorts of last summer. They’re the perfect length; not too short or too long. They are almost identical to my other favorite pair of denim shorts, my tried-and-true, cult-favorite Agolde Parker shorts, which run over double the price of these. They’re relaxed, comfortable, and are my do-it-all pair that I keep on top of my shorts pile and reach for most.

While I opted for the cross-waist pair last summer, I wanted a slightly darker wash for this summer, and these were the perfect pair. The pair above is one size smaller than the pair below, but both fit well—what size you opt for just depends on what you like in a denim short. They do mold to your body a bit when you wear them, so your true size definitely works, but if you want a slightly more oversized fit, I’d size up one size.

Abercrombie dad shorts

Abercrombie & Fitch

Dad Shorts

7 washes available


The ’90s Shorts

Let me just say that I thought I’d absolutely hate these, and actually really ended up loving them. These are obviously the shortest shorts of the bunch, and are a true, ’90s-esque cut-off that shows a lot of leg (but don’t worry—they aren’t so short that your butt cheeks come out the bottom).

I feared that these would be reminiscent of my high school denim shorts, but since they’re high-waisted, they had a completely different effect. If you prefer a shorter denim short, these are your winner.

Abercrombie & Fitch

High Rise '90s Shorts

3 washes available


The 7-Inch Dad Shorts

After the classic Dad Shorts, this 7-inch version is my second most-worn pair of denim shorts of all time. I am absolutely obsessed with the look of longer denim shorts; they feel inherently chic and more elevated than a regular pair, and these are so flattering I literally can never stop reaching for them. I sized up one size out of fear that they’d be too tight on my legs and look like bermudas, and they fit me perfectly.

I wear these so much that I wanted a second wash, and really loved the idea of a black pair. With a white tank and pair of sandals, they make for an easy, seamless summer outfit I know I’ll rely on for everything from happy hours to errand running. I absolutely love the side slit this pair has as well. These were an automatic keep for me.

Abercrombie seven inch dad shorts

Abercrombie & Fitch

High Rise 7-Inch Dad Shorts

3 washes available


The Loose Shorts

I’m a sucker for an oversized pair of denim shorts, and this is Abercrombie’s loosest fit. The width of them makes them extra comfortable, and if you’re someone that doesn’t like the feeling of denim shorts, I promise you’ll like these. The pleating and wash also make them super versatile, and give them a bit more of the ability to dress them up if needed. They give that “my mom saved these for me from the ’80s” look that isn’t easy to find, and is worth snagging when you do. These are my usual size, and I wouldn’t recommend sizing up due to their naturally looser fit.

Abercrombie & Fitch

High Rise Loose Shorts

2 washes available


The Mom Shorts

These had so much potential, but unfortunately, were a bit small. These fit like a glove, but I would’ve wanted one size up to allow for a bit more room in the leg area. However, if they were the right size, I would absolutely love these. They’re slightly more fitted than the dad shorts, and are a true classic denim short that are a perfect not-too-short, not-too-long length that I think would truly be flattering on everyone. I’ve always felt that Abercrombie’s mom jeans are extra comfortable, and that’s how I felt about the shorts, too.

Abercrombie & Fitch

High Rise Mom Shorts

3 washes available


The Mixed Fabric Dad Shorts

How fun are these?! I have the jeans version of these shorts in black and wear them all the time, so when I saw the white-and-tan short version, I couldn’t have clicked add to cart any sooner. It’s hard to make a pair of shorts that feel really special, but the touch of leather and two-tone effect does just that. 10/10, obsessed.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Mixed Fabric Dad Shorts


The Tailored Linen Shorts

These were the shortest of the linen options I tried, but I really loved them. If you’re looking for something that feels a bit more elevated, these are a great option. I found them to be super comfortable and flattering, and were a super classic pair of shorts you could wear on repeat throughout the entire season.

Abercrombie tailored linen shorts

Abercrombie & Fitch

Linen Tailored Shorts

3 colors available


The Linen Pull-On Shorts

It’s hard to tell because of the color, but these are very similar to the above shorts, but with a pull-on, elastic waistband. These give you the ability to both lounge around in them or wear them out depending on what you pair them with, as they might as well be a pair of pajama bottoms, they’re so comfortable. I own a couple of pairs of these, and I wore them all the time last summer. If you like to get dressed to work from home, these would be a great thing to add to your closet to wear to feel more elevated than a pair of sweat or running shorts.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Linen Pull-On Shorts

5 colors available


The High Rise Linen Shorts

I have Abercrombie’s classic tailored shorts, but this linen version absolutely stole my heart. I actually kept glancing at myself in the mirror when I had them on because they were so unbelievably flattering. They’re another pair that bring a little extra polish to a casual look, and can definitely be dressed up or down depending on what you’re going for each day. In addition to being versatile, of course, they’re also incredibly comfortable. 


The Leather Dad Shorts

If owning leather shorts is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I know that they feel like a huge oxymoron, but I own a pair of leather shorts that I literally wear all the time. Since they cover so little of the leg, they don’t feel any hotter than a pair of denim shorts, but are perfect for a date night or night out with friends. I’ve had so many situations where I wear a nicer shirt, but the weather is boiling hot and I don’t want to wear pants or my denim shorts, and these are always what I reach for.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Vegan Leather Dad Shorts

2 colors available


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