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Add These Ingredients to Make Your Smoothie More Filling


Confession — I am a huge breakfast person. I’m one of the rare (read: crazy) people that would rather wake up 15 minutes earlier and make a real, filling breakfast than sleep in and grab a granola bar to go. I look forward to eating a good breakfast, and am absolutely miserable and starving if I decide to skip out on it; but, during a hot summer morning, the chances of me turning on the stove to cook something hot are slim to none, so I usually opt for a smoothie instead. They’re refreshing, and honestly, are pretty hard to mess up. But, on their own, they aren’t the most filling meal. By adding these simple ingredients, your smoothie will keep you full for hours.


Source: The Almond Eater


1. Nut Butter

This is a super easy hack with something you probably already have in your pantry. Adding a scoop of nut butter to your smoothie adds some protein, which will help you feel full after. You can also opt for a peanut butter powder, like PB2— They have the same amount of protein as regular peanut butter with fewer calories.


2. Chia Seeds

For such a tiny food, chia seeds are packed with health benefits: They have a ton of nutrients, are full of antioxidants, are high in protein and fiber, and can help keep you fuller for longer. They’ve also been shown to support a healthy complexion and increased energy. A scoop of the tiny seeds will be totally unnoticeable in a smoothie and will make it even healthier. 


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Source: Chef Savvy


3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has become super popular in recent years, and for good reason. An average serving can have 12 to 17.3 grams of protein, and it has less sugar than regular yogurt. It will give your smoothie a thicker texture, helping to make it extra tasty


Source: Minimalist Baker


4. Healthy Fats

Adding a bit of healthy fat to your smoothie is super easy and also usually undetectable. Throwing in a half of an avocado or some coconut oil will help keep you fuller for longer, and will also give your smoothie a thicker texture. 


5. Protein Powder

Adding a scoop of your favorite protein powder to your smoothie will add a great taste and will help keep you way fuller than without it. Adding a vanilla flavored one to your fruit smoothie, or chocolate flavored to one with yogurt and peanut butter will help you start your day off on the right foot.


What’s your favorite way to make a smoothie?