37 Affordable Mirrors That Will Make a Statement in Your Home

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This might be the most self-absorbed thing about me (I take that back, there’s probably a lot more), but my favorite decor piece is a mirror. In fact, the only pieces on the walls of my studio apartment I moved into over a year ago (it’s been a slow move-in process, and my gallery wall has yet to be hung) are two mirrors. One, my mom gifted me as a house-warming present (she knows my style better than anyone), and the other I saw on Wayfair and was so obsessed with, I just had to have it.

Don’t worry: there’s more to my mirror adoration than the ability to look at myself at any given time. Most of the time (like first thing in the morning), I’d rather that not be the case. But a pretty mirror is the perfect decor piece that any home needs because it brightens up every space. It can make any room feel bigger (yes, even my tiny studio apartment in Los Angeles), adds an element of glam, and doesn’t have to cost $$$ to look high-end. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, a simple design for your vanity/closet area, or a way to brighten up your space, we’re rounding up the best mirrors the internet has to offer.