15 Amazon Products You Don’t ~Need~ But Will Absolutely Want


Aside from those gift cards your grandma so lovingly blessed you with this holiday season, shopping immediately after the holidays can feel kind of guilty. When I worked retail in high school and college, I always remember the after-Christmas slump. The two first months of the year, payroll was cut, and our store was empty. After two straight months of insane sales and buying gifts (some probably for yourself too), most of us want to tackle our spending, eat healthier, and organize our homes. But e-commerce doesn’t slow down nearly as much as brick-and-mortar stores, so we can’t keep our eyes from looking at all the great things online! 

Instead of telling you everything you need to get your hands on immediately, here is just a sampling of all the fun stuff on Amazon right now that might make you click “add to cart.” We’re not saying you have to order it immediately, but we’re sure as heck dreaming about them too!

Allegra M. France
Magic Ice Globes

Say goodbye to your jade roller and hello to these magic little globes. Pop them in the freezer, and you'll have the perfect treat to massage your face before bed to relax you, in the morning to remove puffiness, or anytime you just want to massage your face. We also think they'd be amazing to use after a night of drinking!

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No Bend Hair Clips, Set of 8

These would make getting ready in the morning so easy. Use them to pull your hair back while you're doing your makeup or as sectioning clips to style your hair. They don't leave a crease or line in the hair, and they're deeply on-brand.

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Slim Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter MacBook

If you often work out of a coffee shop, in airports (you jetsetter!), or in any public space (or want to screw with your work wife, hehe!), then this will become a lifesaver. It's the same concept as those privacy screen protectors for your phone (which I also swear by) — it tints your screen so people next to you can't see what you're doing. Our cofounder Alaina had this in the office one day, and we are went "OMG, please send a link" immediately.

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Shower Water Filter

I grew up in a really small town that had well water my entire life. It was, to put it in one word, miserable. My hair turned orange on multiple occasions. Once I moved to a city, my hair and skin were immediately transformed. If you have hard water or water with a lot of chemicals in it, this could be exactly what the doctor ordered for keeping your color from fading, your ends from splitting, and your hair shiny AF. It has hundreds of five-star reviews, so I'm adding it to my wishlist for the next time I'm home!

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Small Wine Beer Portable Cooler

OK, I'm not trying to get us excited as winter has barely even started in Chicago, but imagine this in the summer. *GASP* This fits three wine bottles, six beer bottles, and up to 10 beer/hard seltzer cans. You'll be the MVP of the pregame pulling up with this.

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Pill Organizer

Wellness lover and editor Josie talked about a pill organizer once, and I've had this adorable pink version on my wishlist ever since. It's the easiest way to organize everything in one place and would be incredible for travel.

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Nano Mister Portable Facial Steamer

It doesn't get any bougier than a mini facial steamer to pull out at any moment you need a little ~boost~. Use this for any at-home spa days, when you're doing a facial massage, or when you're plucking your eyebrows to open and soften the pores on your skin. Dry skin gals will also especially appreciate this little gadget!

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Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

My biggest first-world problem is how much effort it takes to make an iced coffee with a Keurig or Nespresso. I hate it so much that I run to Starbucks or the nearest equally-expensive coffee shop instead of doing it. So, I believe this cold brew maker would make me a happier, healthier, and honestly richer person.

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Glamorous Wash

It doesn't get anymore "wishlist" than a super bougie, luxury laundry detergent. You're probably wondering, "what the heck is this and why is this $30 when I can buy Tide that will remove the spaghetti sauce from my white tee perfectly?" This laundry detergent will make your clothes (or towels and linens) smell HEAVENLY!!! It's the easiest way to make your budget-friendly pieces feel high-end. Read the reviews — you won't be disappointed.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I'm not going to sit here and say everyone needs blue light glasses in their life. But if you sit in front of a screen a lot or are looking for a chic pair of glasses without the prescription, look no further. These come in five different styles, so there's something for every look.

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Compact Air Fryer

I've always had the idea of an air fryer in the back of my mind, but the one my parent's have is literally bigger than the entirety of counter space I have in my apartment. This one might be what actually gets me to make the purchase! It's compact and perfect for making just enough for a serving of one or two, and it'll fit tightly in a cabinet when you're not using it. It's also SO CUTE.

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Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

After a rough workout, this will become your BFF. Instead of a hefty massage bill, lay this on your floor and lay on it, letting the little bumps hit all your pressure points. It's also great to step on after long walks or runs!

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Hair Scalp Massager

To be totally fair, I already own this, but I think everyone also should. It's less than $8 and turns every shower into a freaking oasis. (Yes, I said "freaking," that's how good it is.) I got this for my mom for Christmas, and my dad has officially taken it for himself.

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HELLO Milk Frother

On the same quest to spend less money on coffee, I've added this milk frother to my wishlist. I love matcha, but it never turns out quite right when I make it at home. This milk frother is about to make all of my latte dreams come true without even leaving my place.

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Small Round Vintage Sunglasses

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to stop pulling out your favorite sunnies. These round, brown ones are a slightly updated version of your typical black, and the price makes them totally worth it.

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