Every Animal Print Piece We Are Loving RN

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are too obsessed with the Cassie/Colton Bachelor saga to go on with normal life (in which case, I understand), you know that animal print is everywhere. Your favorite bloggers are showing off snakeskin booties on Instagram and the most stylish celebrities are rocking leopard print skirts and zebra print dresses. Animal print can act as a neutral, update your basics, or totally transform your #OOTD for a look that will turn heads.

The best part of 2019’s biggest spring trend is it’s not seasonally exclusive. Unlike other fashion-forward patterns (florals for spring, plaid for fall), animal print can be worn through every season, and every year. It’s a timeless staple that will truly never go out of style, but it just so happens to be the it trend of 2019 — aka what better time is there to stock up on the basics? Since *no animals were harmed in the making of this post,* shop the animal-print pieces we’ve been obsessing over all season: