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8 Nostalgic Anne Hathaway Movies You Should Rewatch


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anne hathaway movies"
anne hathaway movies
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

There is something special about movies that you can watch time and time again and never get bored of. You get that itch for nostalgia, to re-experience a story despite knowing its ending. A breadwinner in this category is Anne Hathaway movies, which are so packed with nostalgia that the excitement of the film never really goes away. With such a strong track record, I can always rely on an Anne Hathaway movie to provide. 

Because of Anne Hathaway’s variety of roles, there is a movie for nearly any genre you feel like watching. From princesses to girl-next-door to mysterious villains, her movies have you covered on all ends. Here are our top picks for the best Anne Hathaway movies that you’ll never get bored of rewatching.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

One of Anne Hathaway’s most recognized films, The Devil Wears Prada is a movie we never get tired of. The story follows her character Andy as she navigates the world of high fashion. As an aspiring writer, she is looking to get her foot in the door but instead ends up as Miranda Priestly’s assistant, the editor-in-chief of the prestigious Runway magazine. With an all-star cast including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, and Stanley Tucci, this film is the perfect rewatch for anytime and anywhere.
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2. Ella Enchanted

This film screams childhood nostalgia, with Anne Hathaway playing the role of Ella. Under a spell that causes her to be entirely obedient since birth, Anne Hathaway’s character faces humiliation and incredible challenges throughout her life. Ella must hide this secret from her horrible stepfamily to avoid exploitation and goes on a journey to reverse her curse. On this journey, she meets the prince of the land, and well… you can guess what happens after that. It’s a satisfying love story, a perfect watch for a night in with the girls.
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3. Interstellar

In the award-winning film Interstellar, Anne Hathaway plays a space researcher sent on a mission to find a new planet suitable for human life as Earth becomes increasingly uninhabitable. Alongside co-star Matthew McConaughey, this movie is one of my personal favorite space films of all time and retains its beauty and excitement through any amount of rewatches. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and are in need of some serious escapism, Interstellar is the film for you.
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4. The Princess Diaries

Another one of her more iconic roles, Hathaway plays the typical American teenager Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries. Mia’s normal life quickly changes when she finds out that she is heir to the throne of the European country Genovia. She must learn the ways of being a royal and has to make the decision to claim the throne or renounce it entirely. With Julie Andrews by her side as queen of Genovia, Mia learns about life and love and the challenges she will soon face. If you’re feeling nostalgic, seeing the Anne Hathaway glow-up scene and re-experiencing the atmosphere of The Princess Diaries world will absolutely satisfy that.
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5. The Dark Knight Rises

Feeling like watching a superhero movie? Anne’s got you covered here, too. In one of her darker roles, Anne Hathaway plays the DC villain Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises as she crosses paths with Bruce Wayne. Wayne, who has stepped away from his vigilante persona for the past eight years, is brought out of hiding to take on Bane. Anne Hathaway plays both sides of the field in an endless game of double-crossing. She helps Batman, then betrays him, then helps him again. This dark character is a fun switch-up from her usual roles, and she plays the perfect antiheroine that you find yourself rooting for. If you’re looking for an action movie with a strong and powerful female character, this one will hit all the points.
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6. Ocean’s Eight

With an incredible all-star cast, Ocean’s Eight stars Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and even more well-known names in this comedy heist movie. In a spinoff from the original Ocean’s trilogy, con artist Debbie Ocean (played by Sandra Bullock) gathers an all-female team to attempt a near-impossible heist for a 150 million-dollar necklace at the Met Gala. Anne Hathaway plays Daphne Kluger, a famous movie star and the unwitting pawn of Debbie’s plan. There is never a dull moment seeing all our favorites come together as their grand plan falls into place. If you’re looking for fast-paced and some serious celebrity cameos, this movie is the perfect rewatch for you.
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7. Les Misérables

If you feel like getting a little too emotionally invested in a film, look no further. Les Misérables features Hathaway in the famous role of Fantine, a mother who must provide in any way possible for her illegitimate daughter. Her character tugs on the heartstrings as she sells every part of herself she can, from her hair to her teeth. As she nears her death, the main character, Jean Valjean (played by Hugh Jackman) promises to take care of Fantine’s daughter as his own. This epic piece has an incredible soundtrack and ensemble cast and is a great rewatch if you are looking to get in your feels. Grab the popcorn for this longer film, but maybe some tissues, too.
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8. Bride Wars

Grab the girls! If rom-coms are your cup of tea, Bride Wars is a great pick for you. Starring Hathaway and Kate Hudson, this story follows two childhood best friends who once dreamed of their future weddings together as they turn into enemies, both racing to be the first to the altar. Leading up to the big day, they both sabotage each other in hopes of coming out on top. This film’s banter and pacing is so entertaining, making it such an easy choice for a rewatch. So gather your crew, and put on Bride Wars for some serious laughs.
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