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This Barbie-Inspired Morning Routine Will Have You in Your Feels

written by EMMA GINSBERG
barbie with waffles, smiles and clouds"
barbie with waffles, smiles and clouds
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Can’t stop thinking about Barbie? Same. The Barbie movie has taken over our feeds, our meetings, our conversations, and our minds in a big way. In addition to the all-pink aesthetic that has been exploding for over a year now in anticipation of the film’s release, discussions about the messages in Barbie are continuing to light up the internet. Whether you predicted being blown away by Gerwig’s infusion of feminism in the film, felt that the movie was too political, or not political enough, there are a few undeniably great takeaways from the Barbie movie. So, how do we implement some of the lessons from the Barbie movie in our everyday lives?

Enter the Barbie-inspired morning routine: how we’re infusing our daily lives with a little bit more Barbie from now on, because yes, our world has been changed. Read on to discover how to bring the takeaways you learned in Barbie into the real Real World.


Romanticize Waking Up

Ever since seeing Barbie, I’ve been turning on music first thing in the morning when I wake up. There are so many rules out there for what you are allegedly supposed to do or not do first thing in the morning: drink a ton of water, but not until after you’ve brushed your teeth. Meditate, but don’t fall back asleep. Flood your eyes with light, but never look at your phone. Move your body, but don’t spike your cortisol.

What about just doing something we actually enjoy doing first thing in the morning to set a positive vibe for the day? Sure, that might be meditation or opening the blinds to look right at the sun, but it could also be turning on a great getting-ready playlist, reading your new favorite book, or, dare I say, making your favorite kind of caffeinated beverage. In Barbieland, the Barbies always have something to look forward to—and even here in the real world, it’s worth romanticizing your day from the second you open your eyes.


Connect With Someone You Love

No, this does not mean you need to wake up and shriek “HI BARBIE” to your neighbors or your significant other. That said, the message of the value of human connection is strong in Barbie, so start your day with some kind of social interaction. Text your group chat good morning, tell your mom you hope she has a great day, and chat with the barista at your coffee shop–the world is your oyster. My personal favorite? As a regular participant in Buy-Your-Coffee-Friday, I love to Venmo my long-distance loved ones the cost of a coffee every once in a while when I can afford it, just to let them know that I’m thinking of them.


Eat a Breakfast That Reminds You of Being a Kid

Be honest: when was the last time you had a heart-shaped waffle with a dollop of whipped cream on a weekday morning? Say what you will, Barbie is an unprecedented celebration of girlhood, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring a little bit of that inner child healing you experienced while watching the film into your everyday life. Though it is not heart-shaped, I do own a light pink mini waffle maker, and every time I make chocolate chip waffles for myself, I feel like I’m reclaiming a little bit of my girlhood. Every once in a while, ditch the smoothie for your favorite childhood breakfast (but please hydrate with real water unlike Barbie).


Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations Through Journaling or Affirmations

In case you missed it, a central lesson in Barbie is that women face horribly unrealistic expectations every single day as the result of patriarchal standards. Gerwig has been criticized for failing to present a solution to these double standards in the film, but at the end of the day, no one person can solve the double standards that come with the gender binary in a single day (or in a single movie). What an individual person can do? Start your day by forgiving yourself for not meeting every expectation the world has set for you.

If you struggle with morning anxiety or just wake up from time to time feeling crushed by the weight of it all, consider doing some journaling or repeating some affirmations to remind yourself that you do not have to be everything all at once. Of course, you are capable of waking up and crushing the day as the lawyer Barbie or banker Barbie or writer Barbie or doctor Barbie that you are, but if you’re feeling stressed, taking a minute to acknowledge that feeling is important.


Embrace the Variety of Each Day

At the end of Barbie, Ruth Handler shows Barbie the beauty and messiness of human life. Humanity is inherently chaotic and dark and amazing and full of simultaneously difficult and amazing moments, and–spoiler alert–you are not a doll. Your humanity means that no matter how hard you may try, there are going to be mornings when you sleep through your alarm. There are going to be days when you spill your coffee right before you leave for work, days where you do every single step of your morning routine perfectly and then realize with horror that you forgot to lock your door on the way out, or didn’t floss. Embracing the lack of an autopilot morning routine is what makes you human, because variety and messiness are a part of life, and that is a gift. Perhaps the real Barbie-inspired morning routine is not much of a “routine” at all.