The Complete Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

If your family knows you love beauty products, they’ve probably tried to gift it to you in the past. And while some end up being great (my aunt, God bless her soul, got me a giant set of Estee Lauder once, and while I used very little of the makeup, the skincare ended up being quite luxe and divine as a 20-year-old), they’re often rife with products we won’t use. Oh, she likes makeup? Buy her an eyeshadow palette—and make sure it’s all very light neutral browns she can wear to work, because she certainly doesn’t have five other palettes of neutral browns at home! Skincare lover? Fridge that won’t fit anywhere in her tiny apartment bathroom it is! And of course, they’re buying you yet another hair tool that will sit in the back of your drawer for eons. 

Don’t get me wrong, I stand by that any gift is a great gift, especially one as thoughtful as makeup or haircare for someone you know loves those things. But we’re in the business of giving the best gifts this year to show your friends and family a little extra love this holiday season, and I’ll be damned if I don’t show you just how many amazing beauty gifts exist out there. Just because your BFF, mom, brother, aunt, cousin-twice-removed, coworker, Secret Santa, or any other loved one loves beauty doesn’t mean they’re in for a lame gift. We found all the best gift sets, new items, unique products, and splurges they’ll be beyond excited to open and will actually use for years to come. And if you’re a beauty-lover, well then your wishlist just got a lot longer.


Under $25


Rae Wellness

Hydration Drops

A little extra hydration never hurt anyone, especially in the dead of winter. Instead of another cream or lotion, these actually improve your skin from the inside, making this a no-brainer gift for the skincare-loving people in your life.

Baby Tress at Nordstrom

3-in-1 Edge Styler™ Tool

Not only is this three-in-one edge styler effective, but it’s a great addition to a bigger gift, a hair product, or a stocking stuffer. Available in six pretty colors, whoever you buy this for will love it.

Joanna Vargas

Glow From Within

This book single-handedly got me to finally follow a skincare routine, but even as someone who knew a lot about beauty going in, I learned so much from Joanna’s expertise. She’s been a celebrity aesthetician for years and is known for treating the skin of some seriously A-List stars like Greta Gerwig, Julianne Moore, Jake Gyllenhaal, and more. Consider this a solid gift for the beauty amateurs and seasoned professionals alike.

LaPierre Cosmetics

Nail Lacquer

We’ve done it: the perfect red nail polish for the season. You’ll never wonder which color to paint your nails again.


Super Absorbent Hair Turban

Gift extra healthy hair this season with this microfibre hair turban. Your hair is extra gentle when it’s wet, so it’s important to use a soft, microfibre to keep the moisture in rather than your typical bath towel. Plus, the microfibre pulls out the water faster, so your hair dries in a cinch.


Alchemy Body Shop

Halo Whipped Body Scrub

This salt scrub is extra nourishing and moisturizing because it contains coconut oil and shea butter. Any beauty-lover knows the importance of sloughing off the dead skin, especially in the winter, and this scrub does that without drying your skin out.

Rosen Skincare

Tingling Mud Mask

Skincare can be hard to gift (everyone’s skin is SO different), but you can almost never go wrong with some sort of mask. Everyone loves to lay on the couch sipping hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies with a face mask on; it’s simply bliss. This one from Rosen is perfect for those with acne-prone and oily skin; try this one if you’re loved one has dry skin.


Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies

This immediately made its way to my personal wishlist. I love my hair turban so much, but sometimes, I just want something to put my hair up into a bun while it’s wet, and this sounds like the perfect solution to that problem. If you have long or thick to coily hair, this won’t dry your strands completely, but it’s a good addition to your stash. And for my fellow thin-to-medium hair types, frizz has met its match.

Tower 28 Beauty

ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss

Since this released, I've seen it regarded as *the* best lip gloss on the market. Lip gloss has had its resurgence in 2020, with brands launching new iterations of our once least-favorite makeup product left and right. However, these are created without all the stuff we used to hate. They're hydrating and comfortable with just enough stickiness to last for a long time on the lips. Plus, these shades are to die for—they're the perfect milky neutrals for any skin tone.


Under $50



Royal Tonique - Jasmine Hydrating Mist

A gorgeous skincare mist that will look as good on your vanity as it does on your skin is a no-brainer gift for moms and BFFs everywhere. This one from Indian skincare and beauty line, Ranavat, contains antioxidants to protect skin against environmental aggressors while hydrating and plumping the skin. Pair this with the T-Bar above, and you've got the ideal under-$50 Secret Santa gift.

Weezie Towels

Monogrammed Makeup Towel

Kiss makeup wipes and removers goodbye, and say hello to these monogrammed makeup towels instead! Sick of ruining all of your hand towels washing off the day's makeup, dirt, and oil from your face? These towels, in a genius dark color, are soft and plush on your face and hands. They're the perfect gift for a makeup lover—show them how much you respect both their makeup skills and their crisp, white towels with these. They're literally begging you to stain them!


Red Lipstick Trio

It's red lipstick season, and what better way to celebrate than this trio specifically for medium-to-dark/deep skin tones? Not every red is created equal, but this trio varies in depth and undertone to help the recipient create their perfect look over and over again.


Out of Trouble™ 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin

This face mask is so good, it goes in and out of stock on Sephora constantly. This 10-minute mask is ideal for treating dull, stressed out skin, which everyone is bound to deal with every once in a while. Snag it while it's available!



Small Slipsilk™ Scrunchies

These Slip scrunchies have made it on practically every beauty-lovers' wishlist at one time or another because they're a bit of a splurge but a total necessity once you try them. Snags, breakage, and kinks will be a thing of the past when you finally have these on your vanity. These are also available in a set of three for under $25, so they're an easy add-on item to any gift. Pro tip: buy a pack and divide them up between various gifts!

Charlotte Tilbury

Mini Iconic Matte Revolution Lipstick Trio

Charlotte Tilbury is a given in any beauty-lover's collection, so if you're really stuck on what to get someone, you cannot go wrong with this lipstick set, filled with three of Charlotte's most iconic shades for under $30.

Sunday Riley

Pink Drink Firming Resurfacing Essence

When this launched a few months ago, stores couldn't keep it on the shelves—but the hype is so real. This essence balances, firms, and resurfaces the skin without drying your skin out, using peptides, chlorella, kelp, fermented honey, and EGCG, an antioxidant from green tea. It's a spray essence as well, so it's great for keeping in your makeup bag and misting whenever you feel blah. Our team loves Sunday Riley, and this launch is no exception.


Pamper Variety Sheet Mask Gift Set

Y'all, this set contains 10 (!!!) different sheet masks, plus two exfoliators, for the price you sometimes cant even find for one mask. These LAPCOS masks are filled with nourishing ingredients that make your skin extra glowy every time. Im a huge fan of their hand mask as well—its essential for keeping my hands soft after tons of washing and sanitizing!



Under $100


Daily Treatment Oil

Not only does this treatment oil look super luxe, it's filled with full-spectrum CBD, squalane oil, evening primrose oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and more nourishing oils. I use this after moisturizer in my nighttime skincare routine when my skin is broken out to calm down inflammation and redness, and it works flawlessly; but the list of uses is endless. I've tried a lot of facial oils on the market, and this one has quickly made it to the tippy-top of my favorites.

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Sonic Toothbrush

A toothbrush might not seem like your ordinary beauty-lovers' gift, but this isn't your ordinary toothbrush either. This sonic toothbrush is made of charcoal bristles to promote whiter teeth without all those sensitizing strips and toothpastes. Plus, its bristles are gentler than other toothbrushes (no bleeding gums!), it vibrates to tell you to move to another area of the mouth, and it automatically shuts off after two minutes. Oh, and it comes in three colors. It's basically the smartphone of toothbrushes.


Serums Trio

If you want something a little more than just a serum (although we highly suggest Glow Maker on its own!), grab this set of Maelove's three serums for calming, hydrating, and brightening.


Polished Perfection Thermal Straightening Brush 2.0

Blow-dry brushes aren't a new concept, but they're essential in the toolkit of a busy person who still wants to look put-together (i.e. pretty much everyone you know). This straightening brush makes straightening your hair a breeze and eliminates some of the breakage and damage you would get from a traditional flat iron. Plus, it's under $100? Who couldn't name at least five people in their life who'd love this?

Vanity Planet

Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

At-home spa days have only just begun, and this facial steamer is a great addition to a skincare routine someone might not have thought of yet. Steam is a great tool to help you relax and soften the skin, making extractions, peels, and masks even more effective on the surface of your skin. Tip: add your favorite essential oil for an ultra-relaxing spa experience at home!


Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Essentials Set

Sets can be a tricky thing to purchase. But when you find a mind-blowing one like this, you want to shout it from the rooftops. This contains a full-size of our editor-favorite Benefiance eye cream (it's super hydrating and plumping while preventing wrinkles), which already makes it worth the $70 price tag. So, you're essentially getting all of these extras for free! The Benefiance eye patches are another TEG editor favorite, and the day cream and concentrate for perfect for addressing dryness this winter. This is the ideal skincare set that's on my personal wishlist!

Grande Cosmetics

Goldie Luxe Lash and Brow Serum Set

Another set that's totally worth the money, if you've had your eye on GrandeLash (the eyelash serum our editors swear by for long, thick lashes), go for this set. You get your money's worth with the full-size lash serum, making the travel-size lash and brow serums a bonus.


Honey Infused Hair Oil

Gisou is *the* social media brand of 2020, so you've probably seen its gorgeous branding all over Instagram already. This luxe hair oil is up there in price, but the 590 five-star reviews on Sephora all say it's totally worth it. For a glamorous gift, opt for this.


Olaplex Restore & Protect Set

It's no secret were huge Olaplex fans here. If you color your hair in any capacity, Olaplex is essential for keeping your hair healthy and strong. The Bond Smoother is my favorite product from the line (it's the best leave-in treatment I've ever tried and lasts forever), but we also can't forget the tried-and-true No. 3 Hair Perfector: the ultimate pre-shower treatment to lock in moisture and actually rebuild your hair from the inside out. And if you're trying both, you might as well try the set, which includes a travel-size conditioner and both the shampoo and conditioner in mini sizes to try.



Under $200



Mini Facial Toning Device

You've heard us rave about the NuFACE countless times over the last year, and there was never a better time to get it than now. Beauty gadgets don't always feel like something you can easily purchase yourself, especially when they're a splurge. This makes it an ideal gift that someone won't see coming but will be thanking you for endlessly. Need one more reminder about what the NuFace is? It's a microcurrent facial toning device that emits electricity into the face (wild, right?) to help with evening skin tone, promoting collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and my favorite: contouring the face. This is the #1 beauty product I've added to my life this year, and trust me: I've tried A LOT.


Beauty Sleep Pillow and Eye Mask Collection Gift Set

In the same vein as the Slip hair ties, their pillowcase and eye mask set are a beauty-lovers' dream. I was a naysayer for a while, but after trying the pillowcase recently, I'm officially a believer. It has noticeably impacted the health of my hair, and it's pretty comfortable to sleep on too! If you do your hair at night, this is a must because it hold your style even while you're tossing and turning. This is the splurge-y gift you cannot go wrong with—I don't know a single person who wouldn't swoon seeing this under their Christmas tree.