I’ve Tried Dozens of Viral Beauty Products This Year—These Ones Are Actually Worth It


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Beauty products worth buying"
Beauty products worth buying
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Hello, my name’s Madeline, and you may know me around these parts for being The Everygirl’s Fashion Editor. But a lesser-known fact is that over the past year, I’ve also been quietly running the site’s beauty section, which has been a massive treat for a beauty lover like me. The summer before high school, my mom took me on my first trip to Ulta to get shade matched for my first foundation, and the rest has been history. I constantly want to tell the employees at my local Sephora that my embarrassingly frequent trips are justified by my job and my UPS delivery man that yet another black-and-white box arriving at my door is for research—that’s what I tell myself, at least.

Over the past few months, I’ve tried dozens of new beauty products. From the controversial ones to the products I celebrated getting my hands on after months of being sold out, I’ve truly tested more than I can count. I’ve come to find that the majority of products fall in the category of being good but not good enough to actually be memorable—but these are not those products.

Of all the viral beauty products I’ve tried over the past few months, these are the ones that have earned the highest status a product can: a permanent spot on my vanity.

Fan Fest Mascara

If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I’m a mascara fiend. I have tried every mascara at every price point, and this is by far the best I’ve ever encountered. The name “Fan Fest” is incredibly on the nose, as this mascara lifts and fans out the lashes so well I constantly get asked if my lashes are fake when I’m wearing it. This mascara gives me clump-free, fluffy, voluminous lashes that don’t flake or droop, and it’s so good I’ve been repurchasing it since it launched.

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Laura Mercier
Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation

I usually have a little self-control when I see a product go viral on TikTok, but when I saw my favorite beauty creators applying this foundation, I literally had to have it. Lo and behold, it might be my favorite foundation I’ve ever tried. First and foremost, I have never experienced such a lightweight complexion product before. I literally can’t feel it on my skin, but it still manages to perfect my complexion and leave me with natural-looking coverage that isn’t too dewy or too matte. It also looks amazing all day—even after a 10-hour office day.

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Patrick Ta
Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo

Similar to mascara, I am an absolute sucker for a blush. Even on minimal makeup days, I want my cheeks to look like I just got in from a five-mile run in the cold. I’ve been a fan of Patrick Ta’s blush duos for years, but the shade ‘She’s Wanted’ specifically knocked me off my feet. It looks super intimidating but leaves my cheeks with the most beautiful plum flush, and I can honestly say I’ve never encountered a shade like it. I adore Patrick’s method of applying these, which is applying the powder first, then layering the cream over top *gasp*.

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Haus Labs
Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating Concealer

This was the year of concealer launches, and everyone had an opinion about which had the most bang for its buck. For me, Haus Labs was the clear winner. I’m going to be honest: I don’t generally see a huge difference between different concealers I try, but this one was the exception to that. It’s creamy, hydrating, and leaves me with crease-free coverage that takes my makeup to the next level. This will be an automatic re-purchase for me when I run out.

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Bean Essence

I’m lucky enough to have a Korean skincare store a couple of blocks from my apartment, and after seeing countless women with glass skin grace my FYP, I decided to stop in for this serum they swear by. While I never saw a major difference in my skin with snail mucin, I have with this serum in a matter of weeks. My dry, irritated winter skin has become more hydrated, even, and overall looks healthier. TikTok said bean essence is the new snail mucin, and honestly, they’re onto something.

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Scalp Revival™ Rosemary Pre-Wash Scalp and Hair Oil

This is a new release that already has earned a spot in my hair routine. We’ve all seen people with beautiful heads of hair swear by hair oiling with rosemary oil on wash days, but honestly, I haven’t seen much of a difference despite months of trying it. After a few uses of this pre-wash oil, though, I’ve already seen a difference in my hair. With a slew of oils, including rosemary, this product can be used 10-15 minutes before a hair wash or left on as an overnight treatment. I’ve done both, and my hair literally looks shinier and feels healthier already.

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Solo Shadow

I don’t normally apply eyeshadow on a daily basis, especially given that my hooded eyes don’t look great with too much eye makeup. This product, however, has changed that. This is honestly the easiest and most versatile eyeshadow I’ve ever tried in my life. While reaching for an entire palette when I’m getting ready in the morning feels like a lot of work, this one-and-done cream eyeshadow is truly foolproof and adds the perfect, long-lasting dimension to my eyes. I use the shade ‘Vachetta’ on a daily basis, and despite my haphazard application, it always looks absolutely perfect.

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LYS Beauty
No Limits Cream Bronzer and Contour Stick

Did I need to add another bronzer to my collection this year? No, but videos of this absolutely buttery-looking bronzer stick convinced me it was necessary. Not only is this simply the creamiest, most blendable cream bronzer I have ever tried, but I believe it comes in an absolutely perfect shade range, too. The not-too-warm, not-too-cool colors give the skin warmth and color but also manage to sculpt and define the cheeks. The triangle-shaped applicator also makes applying it an absolute breeze. I’ve used this every day since I got it, and it’s become a staple since the day I unboxed it.

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Urban Decay
Slick Day Strong-Hold Clear Brow Gel

OK, to be fair, this product isn’t viral yet—but it should be. Eyebrow gels are tough to get right. They need to have hold that lasts all day, not leave behind any white pilling—the list goes on. This one is truly perfect. I have never experienced a brow gel that holds my brows up in a way that maintains their fluffiness so well, rather than looking like I slicked them down with hair gel. The applicator gets product on every single strand and keeps my eyebrows looking full and brushed up until I take my makeup off at night.

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Danessa Myricks Beauty
Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder

When I say that this is one of the most unique products I’ve ever tried, I mean it. It’s a balm that gives a bit of coverage—though you can opt for a translucent one, too—and blurs the skin so much it literally looks like there’s a filter on your face. I have dry skin and tend to stay away from balms, but it manages to keep my skin looking hydrated all day—though if you’re oily, it keeps oils at bay, too. I use this on no-makeup days and full makeup-days alike, as the balm texture allows you to build up coverage if you choose to. If you have texture or large pores, you will absolutely love this product.

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Tower 28
LipSoftie™ Hydrating Tinted Lip Treatment Balm

It feels like every brand has come out with a hydrating, tinted balm as of late, but this one is by far and away my favorite. It’s a non-sticky formula that is ultra-hydrating—which is much-needed for my lips in the dry Chicago winter—but also provides that absolute perfect tint of color. I’ve never used a tinted product that is also so intensely nourishing, and also have never found colors that are all flattering and wearable for every day. My favorite shade is ‘Dulce de Leche,’ but I truly love every single one. It’s an always-have-on-me product that I don’t leave the house without.

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