What Beauty Products You Should Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Shopping for beauty products can be a stressful experience. There are thousands of reviews, unboxings, tutorials, and articles written on almost every new beauty launch. While this makes it a little easier to find what will work for us, there’s a lot to take into consideration before we “add to cart.”

Then, once we decide what we’re going to purchase, there’s that dreaded “do I spend the extra $20 for free shipping or just go ahead and pay the $8?” (We’ve all been there — all those little “extras” you never use add up!)

No need to worry about that anymore — Nordstrom has our backs! You already love them for their clothes, amazing return policy, super fast shipping, and for carrying all of your favorite brands. However, their beauty department is (I’m going to say it) even better. With free shipping on all orders (no minimums or fuss!) and free pick up options, repurchasing your favorite products and trying out new ones is easy as ever. They carry all of our favorite brands, plus tons of others that are difficult to find anywhere else.

We’ve rounded up all the new beauty products you need based on your Zodiac sign, and they’re all available at Nordstrom! Get your wallets ready! (Especially you, Aries — we know all about your impulsive buying!)


Aries is fiercely independent and energetic, so their beauty routine tends to contain products that get the job done without a lot of fuss. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are usually trendsetters who love to get their hands on products as soon as they launch. Fire signs are always up for a statement — whether it’s a bright, glossy lip or voluminous hair.

Bumble and Bumble

Invisible Oil

Charlotte Tilbury

Flawless Filter

If you want a serious glow, the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter — this product basically does it all. Put it under makeup to look lit from within, on your cheekbones after foundation, or mix it with your morning moisturizer on the back of your hand for an all-over glow. We’re also obsessed with this Herbivore oil filled with CoQ10 to help with cell turnover and renewal. The bottle is also just perfect for a fire sign!



Everyone needs a Taurus in their life because of their down-to-earth, dependable nature. They appreciate stability and security, but they can get feisty when you mess with them! (It’s no wonder their symbol is the bull!) Because Taureans are known to be possessive, they usually appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy a little glitz and glamour here and there. When it comes to beauty products, they love minimalist glamour. Whether it’s a light shimmer on the lids or a little body glow, they love to sprinkle in some high-end, investment items into their day-to-day.

If you want to add a little glitz and glamour in an instant, these Stila liquid glitters do the job. There’s no fall-out (no one wants glitter everywhere), and they stay on all day. Another way Taureans love to add glamour into their routine is with great high-end products they use every day regardless. Oribe is a standard in celebrity hairstylists arsenals for creating soft but impactful looks for every day, so we know you’ll fall head over heels for their Dry Texturizing Spray. It adds just a bit of grit to the hair and gives tons of volume for fuller hair. The smell is also intoxicating — you’ll want to spray it like a perfume!



Gemini’s symbol, the twins, represents their flexibility and adaptability. They can handle any situation that comes their way with ease, so they make just about the best work wife. Geminis are easily bored (they’re just too intellectual for the rest of us!), so they’re constantly changing up their beauty products whenever they read about a new active ingredient or launch.

Geminis love a technological solution to any problem, so the LightStim for Acne LED Light is right up their alley. This painless blue and red light therapy destroys acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the face, reduces redness; and helps give the skin a tighter, more youthful appearance. It charges easily, so no worrying about expensive batteries or cartridges! Because Geminis love new formulas of their favorite products so much, we have to recommend these NARS lip products. They’re like a hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss, giving a sheer wash of color that dries to a satin finish and stays all day.




The Cancerian soul is sensitive and introspective, however, this doesn’t make them weak or timid. They are protective of themselves and their loved ones (AKA they make great BFFs!). They don’t appreciate bluntness, can feel hurt quite easily, and fear change, so they can get a little nervous trying new products. A Cancer looks for dependable product that makes them feel more confident. Thumbs up to anything waterproof.

o one can go wrong with a Diptyque candle, especially a Cancer who wants products that will never disappoint. The scent throw is impeccable — you don’t even have to light this candle, and you can still smell it throughout the room. When it comes to skincare, we can’t get enough of the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen.  It has a lightweight texture that layers under makeup beautifully, and the matte finish allows it to be applied over makeup throughout the day. It’s a must to keep in your makeup bag!



The lion is a natural leader who thrives in environments in which they’re the center of attention. They take their beauty looks to the next level (I mean, JLo is a Leo!) and look out for all the latest trends. These fire signs are hard working and humble (sometimes!), so they’re willing to work with their products a little bit. Catch them looking glowy as all heck this season.

Youth to the People

Superfood Mask

Bumble and Bumble

Surf Spray

When you want a summer tan without the sun damage, St. Tropez’s Classic Bronzing Mouse is a necessity. It fades evenly and never transfers, so you won’t have to worry about getting it all over your white clothes! To keep that glow going from head to toe, the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is the perfect sea salt spray to get beachy waves of your dreams. It scrunches your hair without getting crunchy.



Virgos are the organized, planners of the Zodiac (we’re so jealous of their closets!), so their beauty routines follow suit. They are responsible, and their shy, somewhat reserved nature gives them the time to be analytical in social situations. They’re critical of the world around them, meaning they struggle to find beauty products that fit all their needs. Instead of sticking with your go-tos this season, branch out to updated formulas and new trends.

The Organic Pharmacy

Skin Brush

Dry brushing is one of our editors’ favorite ways to improve circulation and exfoliate the skin. This one from The Organic Pharmacy has all-natural bristles that can be used all over the body to promote proper blood flow. For the most natural looking, “lit from within” makeup application, you have to try the Hourglass Veil Setting Powder. It sets makeup without adding a powdery, matte finish. Dry skin girls, this will become a new favorite in your routine.




Libras embody love and grace. (So, you’ve probably never met a Libra you didn’t like!) They are non-confrontational and seek peace in all situations, making them the optimists of the Zodiac. There’s a reason they say a Libra is the best sign to date! Their beauty routines are often simple and chic, but they look for interesting details to make it their own.

The T3 hair tools are like nothing else. This curling iron minimizes frizz with its Tourmaline and ceramic plates, giving you the perfect curl every time. Libras also love to smell good. (It’s all about their charm!) We recommend the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne for its sea salt notes that make it both summery and sexy.



Scorpios are passionate and determined, making them known for their intensity. If they make a commitment to do something, it’ll get done! The Scorpion is mysterious and sensual, so it’s no surprise that that’s exactly what they want in their beauty products. They go for products that indulge their entire body (can we talk about this trendy, gorgeous body hair oil?!) and make them feel sexy and sophisticated.

Fur Skincare

Fur Oil

The Fur Skincare Fur Oil is otherworldly. While it’s intended to use for the hair down there if you catch what I’m saying, it’s made with grapeseed, jojoba, tea tree, and clary sage seed oils that hydrate, reduce inflammation (such as irritation from shaving or waxing), and soften the skin. We also cannot get enough of these Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. In her classic shades like Pillow Talk and Red Carpet Red, these have a sexy, opaque look — perfect for a night on the town.



Sagittarius is your fun friend who just happens to always be out of town, making her a true gal on the go. Whether she’s on her fifth trip abroad this year or just making her way from one commitment to the next, she’s going to make sure she looks good doing it. The last of the fire signs, Sagittarius is enthusiastic, adventurous, and outspoken. They love to pair fun, bright looks with minimal, easy-going elements, like a messy bun.

ags will love this NARS Multiple. It can be used on the lips, the cheeks, and on the eyes, making it the perfect product for anyone who’s on the go or can’t fuss with multiple products. It blends effortlessly into the skin, so there’s no need to mess with brushes if that’s not your thing. Basically, just swipe on and go! For those who want a little bit more, this Anastasia palette is so fun to amp up day-to-day looks and reminds us all of that one trip we took to the French Riveria back in the day.




Capricorns love to add structure and consistency to their lives. (They’re usually the people who married their high school sweetheart!) They’re realistic and don’t like to mess with anything that already works. So, their beauty routines can often consist of the same products they’ve used since freshman year of college. Any Caps looking to update their faves should look for quality over quantity (something they align with their entire lives!) by investing in the best basics.

Caps go for multi-use products, such as the Coola Sunless Tan Luminizing Body Serum. This gives the skin an immediate luminous finish (without chunky glitters — the worst!), but it also builds up a tan over time. Of course, we can’t recommend the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara enough. While Caps are a little skeptical by that name claim (skepticism is in their blood), they’ll love the bold look without any clumping or flaking throughout the day. This is one of the few mascaras that requires no touch-ups and never smudges onto the face.



Aquarians are those people who waltz through life knowing how cool they are. They are individualistic, opinionated, and have no problem standing up for what they believe in, especially if that opinion differs from a social norm. They’re witty and clever, so they’ll always have you laughing. Their creativity extends to their favorite products, so they’re all about new and exciting takes on their day-to-day routine.

We’re not Charlotte Tilbury newbies here, and this powder is one of the best products in her line. It looks flawless under the eyes to set concealer, never looking cakey. We love the natural finish, especially for anyone with a combination or normal skin type. Aquarians have too much going on to focus so much on skincare, so the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is perfect. This product is filled with tons of natural oils that replenish and repair the skin barrier. Apply at night and wake up with better skin. Easy at that!



The chill ones of the Zodiac, Pisces are emotional dreamers who are imaginative and intuitive. They love the arts and humanities, but you’ll probably find them trying to think of the abstract in a business meeting, too. Because they’re so open-minded and understanding, they’re open to trying new beauty products and trends, such as glowy skin through skincare and makeup.

This Sigma brush is perfect for applying all those cream products we keep seeing brands launch. It’s affordable, but it still never sheds on the face and is easy to clean. We also can’t get enough of the Olaplex products, like our office favorite, the #3 Hair Perfector. Apply it like a deep conditioner and your hair will seriously thank you. It actually repairs all the damage in your hair (shout out to all those fun colors you tried in your early 20s!), making it look refreshed and brand new!


This post was in partnership with Nordstrom, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.