These Instagram Accounts Are Like Having a Personal Trainer in Your Pocket


If the thought of summertime has ever stressed you out or made you anxious, you’re not alone. Our society has put so much pressure on women to have the perfect summer body, but in reality, the perfect summer body doesn’t exist — your summer body is just your body. That’s why I feel conflicted on sharing my favorite fitness accounts — I’m not a huge fan of women feeling like they need to look a certain way to enjoy summer. With that being said, I still enjoy working out and feeling confident and strong in my body. When I follow fitness accounts, I try to avoid accounts that focus solely on how you look. I appreciate accounts that focus on boosting your confidence and creating an all-around healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Especially in the summertime, I get so much more motivated to get my health back in check. I become more conscious of what I’m eating and I actually want to get up and get my body moving. (Now if you were to talk to me about six months ago, I would have a good laugh, curl back on the couch, and resume my Netflix binging — trust me, if you experienced winters in Chicago you would feel the same way!).


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Summertime shouldn’t stress us out, it should be exciting! Summertime means festivals, rooftops, the beach, endless rosé, new romances, and so much more. Even if working out isn’t your thing (which is totally fine), these accounts will still help you be more confident in your skin, eat a little more consciously, and live a happy, healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about my favorite fitness Instagram accounts I’m following right now.



Melissa Wood



Melissa is one of my favorite health influencers to follow! I recently started doing her at-home workout videos, which you can purchase off her site, and they’re super effective with little to no equipment needed. Her workouts are pilates- and yoga-focused with the goal of stretching and toning the body. This mother of two preaches that the key to an overall healthy lifestyle stems from a healthy mind and balanced life.



Melissa Alcantara



If she looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram as her go-to trainer. This girl is literally a boss! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at her abs. Melissa openly shares about the hard journey it took to get where she is at now. She didn’t always have a healthy lifestyle, but is now committed to bodybuilding workouts. She continuously strives to motivate her followers and share all her favorite heavy-weight workouts.






This is another one of my favorite workout accounts to follow. The Dogpound is a NYC-based gym that focuses on customized, innovative fitness routines with personal trainers. They are always posting new videos of their clients doing intense workouts and you can get new ideas to switch up your usual gym routine. They have a pretty exclusive clientele list mainly including models, actors, and professional athletes. It’s so motivating coming to their page! Since most of us aren’t Victoria Secret models and can’t afford to drop a small fortune on training every week, head over their page to get tons of new inspiration for workouts to try on your own. Most of them can be done at any gym!



Megan Roup



Megan is the creator of New York’s The Sculpt Society, where she combines her background in dance and love for fitness in less-than-an-hour classes. Her workouts are all about having fun and dancing it out! On her page you can find videos of her personal workouts with clients that can easily be done at home. It’s so entertaining to follow her along on her stories as she has so much energy bouncing from one workout class to the next all day!






As a writer, yoga teacher, and body positivity advocate, Jessamyn is breaking down stereotypes when it comes to fitness. Being healthy no longer takes one form and Jessamyn is here to share that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. She aims to teach people to focus on how they feel and celebrate everyone’s individual bodies when practicing yoga. She is also a big prominent of using high energy yoga to break down mental and emotional barriers.  






Hbfit by Hannah Bronfman is all about health, beauty, and fitness. If you don’t already follow her main account, you should do that too! She’s one of those cool IG girls that can literally do it all. Her fitness account is used to share all of her favorite motivational quotes, healthy foods, workout videos, beauty treatments, and lifestyle tips. She’ll get you motivated to want to live your all-around best life!



Sami Clarke



Sami is a workout account I just started following, and I’m obsessed with all her at-home workout videos. I love being able to do them all in my living room when I need to squeeze a quick workout in. Most of them can be done with just your own body weight and a booty band. She’s also always sharing what she’s eating throughout the day and her yummy breakfast smoothie recipes! You’ll also come to learn that she believes an early morning walk is the best way to get your day started.



Jeanette Jenkins


Jeanette is a celebrity trainer and health coach working with clients such as Mindy Kaling, Pink, and so many more influential people. On her page you can find food inspo, motivational quotes, and all the workouts and challenges she creates herself. As a nutritionist, you can follow along with all her meal plans as well. She wants her page to be a place with everyone can come for community support and help motivate each other!



Amanda Kloots



Amanda is so fun to follow! She believes that taking care of body is the number one priority in life. Her workouts are actually so fun to do because they involve dancing and jump roping (I love any kind of unconventional workout that doesn’t require strictly just going to the gym). She created the jump rope method because she’s found that it is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get a full-body workout in. You can head to her site where you’ll find her workout video bundles!



Joe Holder



Since following Joe, I have started to look at health and fitness differently. He doesn’t believe that being fit is constantly pushing your body past exhaustion or straining your muscles trying to carry heavy weights, sometimes it’s more important and effective to do smaller movements with the right form that pushes your body dynamically. He’s always studying and sharing fitness philosophy and how we should all re-wire how we think about health. He’s a Nike Master Trainer, celebrity fitness coach, and a proud member of the #plantbasedgang.




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