The Best Plus-Size Bras for Every Occasion

written by MAYA G. PETE

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OK, show of hands: how many of you were excited to get your first training bra? Just me? I literally begged my grandma to buy it for me, because I thought that wearing a bra was the coolest most adult thing you could do. Now? I can’t wait to get home and take mine off.

Offices and workplaces around the country are starting to re-open, and you know what that means: we have to start wearing bras regularly again. And despite what your bra drawer’s contents might boast, it’s actually recommended that you should replace your bras every 6-12 months. (Yes, that means that your trusted bra from 2015 is probably expired and it’s time to replace her.)

Lucky for us, I’ve spent the last year in search of the perfect plus-size bras—and honestly, the perfect bras for ladies of all sizes. No more bras that dig in, no more uncomfortable wires, and no more wanting to rip your bra off as soon as you walk in the door. From now on we’re only wearing bras that fit, are comfortable, and support the girls without suffocating them. Ready to find the perfect bra for any and all occasions? We’ve got you covered.


Tips for finding the perfect-fitting bra


  1. Measure yourself: Get an inexpensive tape measure from Amazon, measure for your band size and bust, and write those measurements down in a note on your phone for future usage. 
  2. Don’t just get one kind of bra: You should have different bras for different occasions (and different types of tops).
  3. Buy your favorite bra in multiple colors: If you have a bra that fits great and that you feel confident in, no need to re-invent the wheel—invest in a couple of them in different colors and patterns to rotate through throughout the week.



The Strapless You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Newsflash: You don’t have to hate your strapless bra. It’s 2021, and there are strapless options that are just as comfortable as your everyday ones. You might have seen this one floating around the internet lately, and for good reason: it stays up, gives you support, and is as comfortable as they come.


The Racerback You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you think a racerback isn’t a necessity, you’re wrong. I always am grateful to have mine and be able to pull it out whenever I’m wearing tank tops or certain dresses in the summer. Invest in this and you’ll constantly thank yourself.

Noho Bra



The Perfect Padless

The days of Bombshell bras are long gone (thank God!) and padless, comfortable options are in. If you’re looking for padless coverage that’s still supportive, this is your best option.


The Low-Cut Wireless

One of our editors’ all-time favorite bras, this is one several of us own in multiple colors. Whether you’re wearing it with loungewear or to the office, you’ll be supported and comfortable all day long.


The One Made for Double Ds

If you’re well-endowed in the chest area, this bra was made for you—literally.


Your New Favorite T-shirt Bra

Everyone needs a go-to bra they reach for when they leave the house, and this one is mine. It’s a classic staple that won’t dig in our feel constricting, but will make you feel confident and supported.


The Do-It-All Sports Bra

When you have a larger chest, you most likely have struggled with finding a great sports bra, but this one is the answer to all of our problems—it holds you in, doesn’t constrict, and most importantly, there won’t be a uniboob in sight.


The Perfect Bralette

For work-from-home days where comfort is king, a good bralette can be the answer to looking and feeling put-together while remaining comfortable. This one comes in dozens of colors and sizes.


The One That’ll Make You Feel Sexy

Like to feel sexy for yourself? This no-frills sheer option is the perfect way to give you a boost of confidence underneath your clothes.