The Best Plus-Size Shorts for Summer

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Sky’s out, thighs out! I’m welcoming the warm weather by letting my thighs breathe, and I’m here to let you know that you should feel empowered to do the same. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you’re wondering how I, a fellow plus-size woman, recommend shorts when I know that the plus-size fashion “rules” say we should cover our legs. Well, a little birdie told me that thick thighs save lives, so I say down with the rules! The only thing standing between us and Hot Girl Summer is this list of places to find plus-size shorts, and maybe a little bit of chafing (but they’ve got lotions and balms for that!).

As a curvy girl, shorts have been notoriously hard for me to shop for because of my—what some would call—thunder thighs. To be honest, for some time I completely gave up on wearing shorts that weren’t defined as activewear, and the only jean shorts I could fit were cutoffs of men’s jeans I had thrifted. That was until about two years ago when I randomly found a pair of magical jean shorts at Target while shopping for spaghetti ingredients.  (Target runs usually go that way for me if I’m honest.) That specific Target run marked a turning point for me. I realized that more and more retailers were making shorts for curvy girl measurements, and not just limiting us to Bermudas (which are cute, but not my particular style). Here are the shorts that should be on your radar this summer:


Swing Shorts

I love shorts that kind of feel like pajamas, but are way too cute to wear to bed. They make me feel like I could be skipping in a field of daisies feeling carefree and childlike. They’re also super versatile and can be paired with solid staple tops from camis and T-shirts to button-up blouses.


Super High-Waisted Jorts

God bless whoever brought high-waisted jeans and jean shorts back. Would you believe it if I told you there was a time when I would argue with my mom because I didn’t want to wear my jeans around my waist? Me neither. Casual jean shorts are a staple summer piece; they can be worn frequently and relentlessly. Once you find a good pair, all you need to do is change your top! 


Sweat Shorts

We can have a comfy Hot Girl Summer and still look cute. For those days that feel like sweatpants days but the temperature says otherwise, try one of these options for cute comfort. 



Daisy dukes are for all sizes, and I think if we asked Jessica Simpson she would agree. No matter how long you want to wear them, the fringed edge of jean shorts really gives you that, “I woke up like this” look because of their effortlessly classic and cool factor. 


Shortalls & Rompers

It’s all fun and games until you have to go to the bathroom—but seriously, that’s the only downside to the listed shorts. They’re like onesies that you can wear in public.